Written by Luke Goodin

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Go to google and type in “Free subscribers”, you will find my article at about number 4 “$$$ Free autoresponder subscribers $$$”.

Then type in “deadly disease prevention”, you will find my article at about number 1 or 2 “Deadly disease prevention, powerful supplements free info”. Both articles you will find are written by me (Luke Goodin) and both provide a link to my site.

Step 4: Now this is whererepparttar work begins however this method is totally FREE. Get free traffic to your free viral site by submitting your article to FREE article directories for massive amounts of FREE traffic.

Go to google and type in “article directories”. Start submitting your article to as many article directories as you can. Don’t stop until you have submitted your article to at least 70 article directories.

Congratulations you now haverepparttar 136986 edge over 98% of all other viral marketers!

Step 5: Repeatrepparttar 136987 process in step 4 but this time do it with article announcement groups. Go to google and type in “article announcement groups”. Spendrepparttar 136988 whole day joining and sending your article to these groups.

Step 6: By now you will have a few people signed up, go back to step 1 where you joined viral mailing:

Log in to your account and enter THIS article into your first message (don’t forget to change your referal URL’s to your own or you will not be getting traffic to your own sites).

You have my permission to use this article and this will instruct your viral downlines how to spreadrepparttar 136989 word about their sites inrepparttar 136990 same way that I have shown you.

Step 7: Wait a week and start sending advertising to your viral downline by repeating step 6 but sending them your advertising about your sites or products.

Congratulations, You are now sending your advertising to thousands of targeted prospects. This isrepparttar 136991 wayrepparttar 136992 pros do it and this will gain you thousands of new propects and website hits! Give your self a pat onrepparttar 136993 back and start watching your sales go throughrepparttar 136994 roof.

My name is Luke Goodin. I am a chef by day and online marketer by night. I believe that the essence of business is the effort invested and the effectiveness of its marketing program.

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Get paid to market your Real Estate Business

Written by Meredith Gossland

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Don't turn it into a sales pitch! Keep it informational.

There should be 3 elements torepparttar class

1) A topic that deals with a specific problem your target market might deal with.

Examples first time buyers financing, home improvements that increaserepparttar 136985 value of your property, building VS buying, factors to consider when buying rural properties, how to save money on taxes, maintenance and other home owner expenses. Think aboutrepparttar 136986 problems that face your clients and then create a class that meets their needs.

2) Solutions torepparttar 136987 problems that don't include buying a house from you or listing their property with you. Remember, this is not a sales pitch, it is a class. Once you build up trustrepparttar 136988 money part will naturally follow if your students believe you know what you're talking about. People do business with those they trust, you have hours to build up their in you.

3) Makerepparttar 136989 class interesting and fun. Plan your class well and practice often, have friends critique you before you teach. Make it interactive.. give students plenty of time to participate inrepparttar 136990 learning process. DON"T JUST LECTURE! Be energetic and cheerful no one likes a boring class. Be brief, get torepparttar 136991 point, don't meander aroundrepparttar 136992 topic. Have a simple outline for each class printed and have lots of white space onrepparttar 136993 paper so students can write notes. Don't write out everything for them, if they write it down they are more likely to remember.

Better, much better than throwing away thousands on direct mail, and you reach people who are interested in real estate, you build relationships with your students and instantly become an expert in their eyes, you get paid, you get referrals. Atrepparttar 136994 end ofrepparttar 136995 class have a little party, snacks and soda or juice and pass out your business card.

Other places to teach....entrepreneaur classes, city college, at home related expos (seminars or workshops), in your office, libraries, and SBA classes. have fun marketing!

Founder of Lasting Impressions 2 Ms Gossland has devoted her life to helping small business owners market their businesses with low cost or no cost marketing techniques. She can be contacted at or

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