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18. Look for OPPORTUNITIES in any decision. Each "mistake" is an opportunity to learn. I've launched into a writing "career" from a "mistake" (???) coming torepparttar other side ofrepparttar 101947 world. "Crazy wife!" A problem became a great opportunity to do something I'd never ever thought of doing (is itrepparttar 101948 "winds of fate", "the unseen hand of God", perhaps guiding me in a conscious decision). If you are making mistakes, you are not learning and growing. So say to yourself, "it doesn't really matter", or "so what"... then "get into this world".

19. Accept total responsibility for your decisions. Responsibility is not BLAME - so don't blame others for putting yourself in this predicament. Sorry 'wif'! This attitude helps to relieve your anger or resentment and gives one peace of mind.

20. Change course if your strategy is not working -repparttar 101949 quality of your life is at stake. My mistake is that I persist on a chosen course for far too long at times, like writing! Learn when to correct your direction. "If you don't change direction, you'll end up where you're heading".

Bear in mind that pilots are off course on their flight-path 90% ofrepparttar 101950 time... but they still arrive at their destination. Usually! When driving you are also continually making little corrections; so there's hope for me yet.

21. Be prepared to take a few risks in life. Look out for opportunities. Every successful business or venture started out with an idea which was a risk. Nothing is infallible. The knowledge that you can handle anything that comes your way is your key to allowing yourself to take risks. Security is a state of mind. It's not having things, it's HANDLING things.

and finally, 22. Look ahead torepparttar 101951 future in a spirit of hope and optomism -repparttar 101952 past is already gone. Seerepparttar 101953 path ahead as an adventure intorepparttar 101954 unknown and a time for challenge with many new opportunities. Every problem requiring a decision is an "opportunity in disguise".

It's a matter of making correct small daily decisions, which are our "stepping-stones" onrepparttar 101955 road to success

I loverepparttar 101956 following quotation...

"The past is history,repparttar 101957 future is a mystery, and this moment isrepparttar 101958 gift, that is why this moment is calledrepparttar 101959 present." - Depak Chopra

May all your decisions guide you towards a prosperous and happy tomorrow May all your moments be full of joy andrepparttar 101960 rich promise ofrepparttar 101961 future.

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Written by Craig Lock

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18. Make time for yourself to relax; because this recharges repparttar batteries.

19. Delegate for success. Ask yourselfrepparttar 101946 question: Is this only something I can do? If not, to whom canrepparttar 101947 work be appropriately assigned? Is this person prepared now, or does he/she need further instruction to completerepparttar 101948 task efficiently?

20. Provide clear and realistic expectations. Keep onlyrepparttar 101949 paper you need on your desk (if you are lucky enough to have a desk, that is!). Clear out irrevelant files. A tidy mind is an effective mind, but tidy desks are really rarely creative. Thank goodness I have an excuse then!

21. Communicate clearly to your sub-ordinates and co-workers. Hard if you are atrepparttar 101950 bottom ofrepparttar 101951 barrel, like me! Get messages across clearlyrepparttar 101952 first time.

22. Set aside time to mentally regroup, to think and to plan. Very important. Review progress regularly to see which plans are working and which ones aren't. Work with individual players and set aside time for individuals. Remember everyone is a unique individual with their own needs.

22. Have direction. Believe in yourself and what you are trying to accomplish. Review your skills periodically and pat yourself on repparttar 101953 back with your progress to date.

23. Take time out occasionally to assess your progress towards your goals and review where you are headed. Re-assessrepparttar 101954 effectiveness of your personal time management strategies.

24. Rest often with mini-breaks (Winston Churchill used this technique often taking "cat-naps"). Take care of your body and your mind - it'srepparttar 101955 only one you've got.

Finally (and most importantly),

25. Enjoyrepparttar 101956 journey down "the river of life" and BE HAPPY.

Craig Lock

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