Written by Doug C. Grant

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1. Open with a story - The story might setup a problem your proposal would help solve. If you're uncertain how this works, read a copy of Reader's Digest. Many of their articles begin with a narration.

2. Provide a startling statistic - Just make certain it is startling. Conventional statistics seldom deliver much of a nose-twist.

(The following suggestions assume your imcom is being distributed as hard copy.)

3. Include a sample - Ifrepparttar subject of your imcom involves a product or product sample that is easily glued to a letter or first page of a proposal, this is an excellent attention getter. Products might include a new grade of sandpaper, stronger plastic, new fabric...etc.

4. Alterrepparttar 129877 paper - I have punched holes in letters, cut off corners, even burnedrepparttar 129878 edges of an imcom in order to attract attention. Just make certain it ties in with your headline and subject.

None of these suggestions are considered standard business writing techniques. And that'srepparttar 129879 point. Being a little unconventional can make your imcomrepparttar 129880 standout business communication ofrepparttar 129881 day. Just avoid being cute or clever. That almost never works.

Remember, developing your skills as a business writer will put you miles ahead ofrepparttar 129882 crowd, no matter what your job or business. It should be as much a part of your work-a-day world asrepparttar 129883 language you speak. Even a small investment in developing these skills will bring huge returns in future success.

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Written by Charlene Rashkow

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TOO MUCH INFORMATION Bear in mind that you may haverepparttar most beautiful site ever created but without excellent content your site will have no meaning. People pay a fortune to have sites created boasting loud music, flashy flash presentations and allrepparttar 129875 other hype so common on web sites these days. In truth all that extra stuff can be of very little significance without meaningful content. Most people are seeking information, not flamboyant pictures. I do believerepparttar 129876 layout, style and design of a web site is critical to its success but allrepparttar 129877 overdone, heavy-duty sites have become boring.

We grow impatient ifrepparttar 129878 site loads slowly and even more impatient if each subsequent page takes forever to appear. No matter how beautiful your site, if it takes forever to load, you'll lose your viewers before they've had a chance to readrepparttar 129879 first word on your site. Additionally, if there are too many visuals and auditory sounds on your site it can be disturbing torepparttar 129880 majority who come to visit. Keep it simple.

If your goal is to have people come back to your site or to continuously read your articles, takerepparttar 129881 time to provide practical, interesting content minusrepparttar 129882 hype. The best suggestion is to write honestly, plainly and concisely.

Charlene Rashkow is a Writing Stylist who has successfully written outstanding business material for companies and individuals for more than 15 years. You may visit Charlene Rashkow at or write her at You can also call her directly at (310) 514-4844

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