Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Recommendation #4: Learn how to write and present customer-center copy

The Internet is a communications medium. For business people it's a sales medium. That's it. There ain't no more.

Thus, you must learn how to presentrepparttar VALUE you sell in a way that's appealing, motivating, exciting torepparttar 117971 maximum number of people inrepparttar 117972 shortest amount of time and space. This is both an art and a science.

Problem is, far too many online sellers know nothing about human motivation and how to select and manipulaterepparttar 117973 words which get people to MOVE. Sadly, you're probably one of them.

How do you move people online? The answer is found in four simple words


People don't want to make you rich. They want to make themselves better off. Thus, they want benefits and they want them NOW!

Your job is to present your value in such a way that people easily understand just what you've got for them.

These benefits must be simply, effectively presented in words and pictures;repparttar 117974 overall design of your website needs to accentuaterepparttar 117975 positive and get people to LOOK AT what you've got and STAY long enough to respond.

Can you do this? Again, I say: probably not!

This key to online success then means either that you must study hard to achieve these skills. Or you must hire professionals who can deliver these results for you. It's one orrepparttar 117976 other or both!

Recommendation #5: Don't Get Distracted

As William Huskisson proved, getting distracted can be fatal. Staying focused is vital.

If Mr. Huskisson had just focused on getting offrepparttar 117977 track, he wouldn't have become a celebrated statistic.

I trustrepparttar 117978 obvious moral sinks in with you!

Every day, indeed virtually every hour of every day, I am assaulted with offers from people who assure me that if I will only stop what I'm doing and do what they recommend allrepparttar 117979 delights of an Islamic paradise will be open to me.

I'm not tempted.

You see, I've already got an online company that works. Why, inrepparttar 117980 words ofrepparttar 117981 t.v. commercial, would anyone need another?

The key to profiting is focus. Lots of people who read this report need to have that single word -- FOCUS -- posted where they can see it every minute of every day.

Running around chasingrepparttar 117982 elusive dream of success isn't how success is achieved. Success comes about through unrelenting study, work, perfection of products and presentation, and FOCUS.

Focus isn't easy. Not by a long shot. It's tiresome, tedious, often dull and sometimes excruciatingly boring to stay focused allrepparttar 117983 time. But, as Mr. Huskisson could testify, it certainly has its rewards. Indeed, without such focusrepparttar 117984 rewards will never be achieved. Never! Never! Never!

Recommendation #6: Don't expect overnight success

Because a handful of people inrepparttar 117985 early days ofrepparttar 117986 Internet achieved spectacular success (only to see it evaporate so very soon),repparttar 117987 idea got around thatrepparttar 117988 'net was an emporium where to wish was to have. Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 117989 truth.

Success online demands an arduous commitment to success. Sadly, in our "be cool, man" culture, millions do everything they can to avoid that commitment. Don't YOU make this mistake.

Ask yourself this question: am I willing to do todayrepparttar 117990 work that will ensurerepparttar 117991 success of my online enterprise in a year, three years, five years from now? Or am I nothing more than a gambler, throwingrepparttar 117992 dice, hoping, expecting, needing to win NOW because I'm not willing to do what's necessary to WIN SURE? If that's you, there's absolutely no online success -- or probably any other success -- in your future.

Last Words

The great age of online wealth is before us.

More and more people will studyrepparttar 117993 medium and learn what it takes to succeed. The results promise to be spectacular.

The question is not whetherrepparttar 117994 Internet will flourish but whether you will flourish onrepparttar 117995 Internet.

Or will you adopt either one of these futile positions? Will you, like William Huskisson, get unfocused and go down because you didn't bother to learn what you need to do and when you need to do it? Or will you, likerepparttar 117996 people responding to this freak accident, drawrepparttar 117997 conclusion that because one person failed to act properly,repparttar 117998 medium is at fault and should be damned forever?

Neither of these responses is correct. What is correct is hunkering down forrepparttar 117999 long haul and doing what's necessary to userepparttar 118000 glorious benefits and economies ofrepparttar 118001 Web to profit, now and for years to come. But, friend, WILL YOU DO IT?

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Five Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Chin Up in Business!

Written by Dan Snow

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3. Get outa there! Particularly if you work from home, it's so important to just simply TAKE A BREAK. Turn offrepparttar computer, hang uprepparttar 117970 phone, shut downrepparttar 117971 fax machine and get outa there! Go for a walk, petrepparttar 117972 dog, find a baby to play with... do ANYTHING that's completely different than having your nose torepparttar 117973 grindstone!

It sounds trite, but a change really IS as good as a rest!

4. Do some innovative thinking. Brainstorm some new, creative ways to jump-start your sales. I remember reading somewhere about a guy that was trying really hard to get an appointment withrepparttar 117974 CEO of a big company and not having any luck. Finally, he bought a cheap pair of shoes, put ONE of them in a box and mailed it torepparttar 117975 CEO with a note that said 'Just trying to get a foot inrepparttar 117976 door.' He got his appointment - AND landedrepparttar 117977 account.

5. Spend some time with someone who loves you 'no matter what.' I know, that sounds pretty 'un-businesslike,' doesn't it? But what better way to reassure yourself that you can't take it personally, and that YOU'RE okay, even if business really stinks right now!

I've tried all of these methods, and every one of them has been successful - after all, I'm still in business!

Dan Snow stays pretty motivated in his Internet marketing business, which you can find out more about at - Visit his site or email him at and let him know what YOU did to stay motivated!

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