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Overrepparttar years I began trading advertising space for more used computers, getting an entire system, a Mac IICx and 21 inch monitor for advertising space! Later I needed better systems and began looking around for where to get them , then I discovered Ebay (, after a conversation with a business contact. I began searching for what i needed and found that timing my bids in a certain manner often assured my winningrepparttar 107894 bid onrepparttar 107895 need equiptment.

I was able to bid on software and hardware that would have cost me hundreds more at retail. To date I have about $5000 worth of equiptment and software that cost me less than $1500 to buy! You might say why bother looking for used stuff when new cost so little?

My answer is that you may not always need new stuff if some ofrepparttar 107896 older stuff will do. Take computers. I am now using a five year old Mac Power pc with 34 megs of ram and system 8.1, I use it mostly to web browse and desktop publish. I use a 56k modem too.

The processor on this machine is 90mhz, properly configuredrepparttar 107897 machine brings my web pages up rather quickly, my mail downloads are quick aswell, bothrepparttar 107898 machine andrepparttar 107899 21 inch color monitor I use are used and work very well and have cost far less than new! For alittle effort and some sound research you too can save money and have a good system, If however you are one of those people who has to have everything new than God bless you and go right out and get what you need. I have never paid retail for a computer related item and never will. Bartersites and trade sites of every kind are turning up onrepparttar 107900 net, just go to any browser search engine and type in BARTER or EXCHANGE OF SERVICES or AUCTION and COMPUTER , you are bound to find what you want for much less than full price. Once you start getting what you want in a computer for less you will wonder why you did not do this sooner.

Never pay for anything you can barter for.

Today ofcourse you can get a free computer from a big online provider or other company if you are willing to sign up for internet service for a year or more in some case and endure a mountain of advertising on your browser. Just go to any search engine and type in FREE COMPUTER. My own site at has links to bartersites and message boards to post your needs to. Good Hunting.

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Handling Arrays in VBScript

Written by Amrit Hallan

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for i=0 to 5 document.write names(i) & " " next

There is a nested loop here. Studyrepparttar flow ofrepparttar 107893 for i=0 to 4 loop. The outer loop holdsrepparttar 107894 index ofrepparttar 107895 item that will be compared with every other, next item. For instance, whenrepparttar 107896 first cycle ofrepparttar 107897 loop begins, i is zero, and whenrepparttar 107898 program endsrepparttar 107899 nested loop, j starts at i+1, that is, 1. So turn by turn, item at index zero is compared with every item inrepparttar 107900 array. The outer array goes only till 4 because whenrepparttar 107901 nested loop begins,repparttar 107902 second last item will be compared withrepparttar 107903 last item: j=i+1

Saverepparttar 107904 file, and check it out in your browser.

Now we seerepparttar 107905 use of a dynamically defined array, and how that array can be filled usingrepparttar 107906 inputbox() function.

strings is an array that is re-dimensioned wheneverrepparttar 107907 user types in a new string. When we declare an array, we reserverepparttar 107908 memory space for that array, that is, if we say

dim arr(20)

it means we are reservingrepparttar 107909 space for twenty data items. But what ifrepparttar 107910 user enters just five items? The rest ofrepparttar 107911 space is wasted. To avoid this, we declare a dynamic array.

Inrepparttar 107912 above script, we have a loop whose continuance depends onrepparttar 107913 user input. It keeps on loop untilrepparttar 107914 user enters "fin". So, when "fin" is not entered, only thenrepparttar 107915 dimension ofrepparttar 107916 array strings is increased.

When we are re-dimensioning an array, we have to userepparttar 107917 keyword preserve to preserverepparttar 107918 existing content ofrepparttar 107919 array. In its absence,repparttar 107920 array gets re-dimensioned, butrepparttar 107921 values are lost.

Exit do forcesrepparttar 107922 program to come out ofrepparttar 107923 loop ifrepparttar 107924 condition that terminates it, occurs.

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