Written by Michael Brooks

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Hours - Everybody has different times for his or her workouts. Make surerepparttar gym you choose will accommodate your schedule. If you are an early bird and your gym opens at 10:00 a.m. then you are probably going to end up not using it despiterepparttar 141509 other features you find appealing.

Price - Donít get fooled by a low-ball price. Make surerepparttar 141510 membership includesrepparttar 141511 use of everything of interest to you. Some gyms have a low membership fee and then charge extra for usingrepparttar 141512 tennis courts, pool, classes etc. Readrepparttar 141513 fine print. Also, there are all-inclusive low priced gyms that are inrepparttar 141514 business of selling memberships and donít really care what happens after you sign up. You may find that half your town has a membership and you have to wait in line to userepparttar 141515 equipment.

Management - Is there an active owner or manager onrepparttar 141516 premises? What is there policy regarding restacking your weights andrepparttar 141517 playing of loud music? In some gyms, anything goes and you may hear 3 or 4 different stereos playing atrepparttar 141518 same time, weights are thrown around and you can never findrepparttar 141519 equipment you would like to use. This is a sign of poor and inattentive management and should probably be removed from consideration.

Everybody is different and there is not a single solution for pickingrepparttar 141520 ideal gym. The key is to find a place that you feel comfortable and that you will use on a regular basis. Working out is a habit that takes time to form. Donít make an impulsive decision that will cause you to lose your desire to get in shape.

Before making a commitment, visit and workout at a few gyms that you are considering. Most facilities will let you try them out for a few days. Make sure you go atrepparttar 141521 times you would if you were to join. This will give you a feel for how crowdedrepparttar 141522 equipment is at that time. Now,repparttar 141523 only thing left to do is just go out and GET STARTED!!

Here is a list of several gyms with nationwide locations. These will offer a good starting point on your quest forrepparttar 141524 perfect gym. Check for locations in your area.

Mike Brooks is a life long follower and proponent of the fitness lifestyle. Mr. Brooks believes that being healthy is a choice and includes not only a proper diet but total fitness of the mind, body and soul. His column appears weekly at

5 Easy Steps To Help You Lose Weight

Written by Amie Grelowski

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4. Choose Variety! Don't let popular dieting trends fool you: Carbs are good for you too! In fact, carbohydrates are what your brain run on and are very important for proper body functions. Following a high-protein diet over a long period of time can not only cause headaches, but also places considerable stress onrepparttar kidney. The important thing is to eat a variety of foods. This includes fruits, vegetables and even carbs. Just remember to be smart aboutrepparttar 141250 types of carbs you eat:: whole wheat instead of white.

5. Eat Slowly! We all get in a hurry from time to time, but it is important to takerepparttar 141251 time to listen to our bodies. Eating quickly doesn't give our bodies time to tell our brains that we have eaten enough. Consequently, we continue eating and are left filling stuffed and bloated. Eating more slowly allows us to recognize when we actually have eaten enough and stopóit also helps us savour and enjoyrepparttar 141252 food we do eat.

Essential to loosing weight is giving our bodies what they need. This means drinking plenty of water, eating timely and proper meals, staying active, and giving our bodyrepparttar 141253 time to tell us when it is full. Our bodies will reward us for our attention.

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