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Keep your body copy brief. Include a few power words to reinforcerepparttar benefit promoted in your headline. For example, "Quick! Easy! Immediate results guaranteed!" could be used as body copy to reinforcerepparttar 101025 sample headline in Step 2.

End your body copy by tellingrepparttar 101026 reader exactly how to respond to your ad. Keep it simple and make it easy. For example, "Call 1-800-123-4567 for FREE information TODAY!"


Keep trying to increaserepparttar 101027 number of responses from your ad. Test different headlines, different body copy, different media. Test even minor changes in your ad. I've seen ad responses jump dramatically after simply enclosingrepparttar 101028 headline in quotation marks. I've also seen ad responses to a different ad drop after makingrepparttar 101029 same change. The only way to know if something works is to test it.

Test only one change at a time or you won't know which change producedrepparttar 101030 new result. Be sure to code each version of your ad so you can trackrepparttar 101031 results from it. Whenever a new "test" version of your ad produces better results than your standard version, make it your new standard version. Continual testing enables you to gradually increaserepparttar 101032 response rate and profitability of your little ad. I once builtrepparttar 101033 response to a recruiting ad printed on a postcard from 3 percent to over 20 percent this way.

Use this simple four step procedure to create your own small ads. If you already use small ads, apply this procedure to your existing ads to increase their effectiveness and profitability. The results will surprise you.

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Going Fishing

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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But here isrepparttar dilemma. Depending on any number of factors, visitors could be coming from places other than your ads, andrepparttar 101024 results might be misleading. If, for example, a search engine picks up one site and notrepparttar 101025 other, you will obviously have more visitors torepparttar 101026 site that has been indexed.

Bluntly, hits to your web site don't really count - sales do. Your first job however, is to get visitors to your site. This is done through a variety of methods, including advertising,repparttar 101027 use of search engines and email. Once you get them there, you must then sell them on your product.

On our web sites, we have an "after sale" questionnaire and we simply ask them how they found us. Now these people have decided to do business with us, and their answers will most likely be truthful. We then log this information, which helps us determine what advertising is working.

Ads that don't appear to be pulling, we modify until we start seeing positive results. One ofrepparttar 101028 best places to test your ads is in ezine publications that are highly targeted toward your potential customers. I don't recommend ads in publications that are not targeted to your prospects. Unless you have a very generalized product,repparttar 101029 return you get in these will most likely be minimal. More importantly, you won't get sufficient information to determine ifrepparttar 101030 actual copy is working.

Many people have been advertising inrepparttar 101031 same ezines for years. Remember that there is some "thrashing" that occurs, and some people drop offrepparttar 101032 subscription list forrepparttar 101033 publication, but others are added. This gives you a constant new group of people who will read your ad every time it is published.

Experienced online entrepreneurs will even keeprepparttar 101034 same copy year after year if it is pulling. It usually takes 5 to 7 exposures anyway until they receive "brand identification". When someone is willing to "bite", if they haverepparttar 101035 proper ad, they will remember them. To land your customers, like in fishing, you must haverepparttar 101036 proper bait.

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