Written by Grady Smith

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Look atrepparttar following three classifications of working from home, and then find which would serve you best.

The first is marketing. While every business does require a small amount of sales know how, some weigh their entire profitably on possessingrepparttar 117625 skill. You need to be able to convince readers to buy and have a marketing savvy to make a nice profit.

Second, is creativity. Creating your own e-books is one example. If you canít write a lick, then you really arenít going to make much of a profit writing your own booklets and reports.

Andrepparttar 117626 third kind of opportunity is service. These can include allowing others to pay you directly for your strengths. Examples would be consulting, web design, construction, machine repair, etc.

So, to findrepparttar 117627 right home business, outline your strengths. Search, or create,repparttar 117628 perfect job that relies heavily on traits or training you posses. If you find a job that is a close match, try it and learn other traits necessary to make it profitable. In time youíll findrepparttar 117629 most comfortable, and financially rewarding opportunities arerepparttar 117630 ones that you were meant to do.

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Are You Doing a Good Job?

Written by Dave Balch

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The word is "perception". You may be doing a great service for your customers, but leaving them with a different perception of what you've done.

I learned this lessonrepparttar hard way. As a programmer/consultant at a large medical facility I was given an important program to write. It was a critical component of a critical system that was supposed to be operational by a certain date. I worked on it mostly from home. My client didn't see me very often, and his perception was that I was goofing off; procrastinating untilrepparttar 117624 last moment. As a result, his anxiety level was high, to put it mildly. In fact, I was doing a GREAT job for him, putting in extra time and even a few extra features.

My bad. I should have made a point of letting him know what I was doing so that he would feel comfortable in knowing what was going on. I could have done this in a number of ways both subtle and not-so-subtle. Subtle: "While I was working on this at home last night, I came up with a few questions." Not-so-subtle: "I know you haven't seen too much of me lately, but that's because I've been working on this project at home. I didn't want you to think I was putting it off".

The point is this: if you're doing a good job for your customers, make sure they know it!

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