Written by James McCoy

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Or a technical one if you are so inclined. If they can't or won't explainrepparttar work to your satisfaction, look elsewhere.


Have you ever noticed that very FEW car repair shops offer you a list of satisfied customers? It's very important to ask around BEFORE they have your car in their possession. You can callrepparttar 102089 Better Business Bureau orrepparttar 102090 local Chamber of Commerce. In most cases they will know who to avoid. If you are at home call your friends and ask them who they use or who NOT to use. Remember, information is power.


Here's a tip that almost all car repair customers miss. Make them SHOW yourepparttar 102091 parts they replaced. Unless you can seerepparttar 102092 old, broken or worn parts you will never know if they needed replacing. Protect yourself with this technique and you will avoidrepparttar 102093 most common ripoff of all; saying parts have been replaced when they simply have not.

By followingrepparttar 102094 advice above you will leaverepparttar 102095 house with a sense of confidence that if something DOES go wrong, you know what to do. And that isrepparttar 102096 ultimate weapon to protect yourself against any scam....

Whether it be to your car, or for your online business!

James McCoy KNOWS the car repair business and publishes a FREE ezine with literally HUNDREDS of tips and tricks to help YOU avoid the ripoff trap. These tips can help save you money and give you peace of mind the next time a car repair is needed. To learn more, visit James on the Web at

Anthrax By AirMail!

Written by William B. Doyle

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What to do next*..

If you are at HOME, then reportrepparttar incident to local police.

If you are at WORK, then reportrepparttar 102088 incident to local police, and notify a security official, andrepparttar 102089 Administrator Of The Day (AOD).

Do not show other co-workersrepparttar 102090 content if you receive it, because then you will be expandingrepparttar 102091 number of people exposed torepparttar 102092 contents.

The AOD will contactrepparttar 102093 Infection Control Coordinator and Administration.

LIST all people who were inrepparttar 102094 room or area when this suspicious letter or package was recognized.

Give this list torepparttar 102095 Infection Control Coordinator for distribution to bothrepparttar 102096 local public health authorities and law enforcement officials for follow-up investigations and advice.

These simple steps and ALOT more are available inrepparttar 102097 FREE ebook, HARD TARGET: Bioterrorism Vol 1 - "How To PROTECT Yourself From Anthrax By AirMail!" at or by sending a blank email to: .

This may smack of paranoia but those of us that have experience in law enforcement, physical security, anti- terrorism, etc. know that terrorists & criminals often seek out easier "soft targets" rather thanrepparttar 102098 difficult "hard targets".

By implementingrepparttar 102099 above techniques andrepparttar 102100 143+ other methods inrepparttar 102101 FREE E-book "How To Make Yourself A HARD TARGET For Terrorists", you will significantly enhance you, your loved ones' and friends' safety.

For information on how to obtain your copy, go to: ...

...or send a blank email to: .

William B. Doyle served over 20 years in the U.S. Navy and trained over 1000 military personnel, family members & DOD civilians as an Anti-Terrorism Training Officer. He also has experience as a Naval Law Enforce- ment, Physical Security and Force Protection Officer.

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