Written by Oscar Bruce

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YOUR KEYS TO A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION, and to avoiding disastrous misstatements and blunders. First, get all your systems focused on your purpose and intended outcome for your meeting. Second, have a wide arsenal of opening questions that will provide control ofrepparttar conversation. Third, listen with total focus and interest to each response. It's impossible to blunder while you are listening.

GREAT FIRST IMPRESSIONS are aboutrepparttar 102098 other person. It's whenrepparttar 102099 individual you've met realizes that he or she is your primary focus, that they will never forget you.

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Are Your Dreams Trapped Inside Your Head?

Written by Oscar Bruce

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BUT LETS TALK ABOUT YOU... Does your cocktail party repartee come across as sophisticated conversation, or a confused meandering string of meaningless babble? Whether you like it or not, your conversation as well as your language skills tellrepparttar world about your background, even your intelligence.

In a study which polled top executives in fifty-eight of America's largest companies, every single executive named personal communications skills asrepparttar 102097 major factor in their advancement

You may feel you are stuck with your current education or intrinsic intelligence. While that may be partially true, you are not stuck with your current verbal and conversation skills.

Remember - The race is not torepparttar 102098 swift, but torepparttar 102099 verbal -repparttar 102100 spellbinding orator -repparttar 102101 silver-tongued seducer. You learnrepparttar 102102 skills in a matter of weeks, sometimes days. It's largely a matter of makingrepparttar 102103 that decision and commitment. Call it a Masters in Verbology.

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