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Sports Coaching Versus Corporate Coaching

In sports,repparttar coach can rarely outperform those coached, yet in businessrepparttar 141084 coach will probably be an accomplished player. One ofrepparttar 141085 most successful coaches inrepparttar 141086 National Basketball Association never played professional basketball. Is it possible to conceive of a successful sales manager who never was a salesperson? In sports, coaching is a full-time job supported in many cases with assistant coaches; in businessrepparttar 141087 coach has many diverse responsibilities. In gymnasticsrepparttar 141088 coach’s span of control is usually on-on-one. The number of “suits” onrepparttar 141089 bench, during a college basketball game, often equals or outnumbersrepparttar 141090 “uniforms” or actual players. Athletes can practice beforerepparttar 141091 game and take time-outs; in businessrepparttar 141092 clock is always running. Most athletic coaches see themselves as, first and foremost, teachers. Even thoughrepparttar 141093 word "coach” has become a popular addition to most managers’ job descriptions, we doubt that many would also include teacher. So whilerepparttar 141094 playing field and conditions are different, we believe that there are some unique lessons to be learned from sports coaching and applied to corporate coaching.

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Executive Coaching and Effective Learning

Written by CMOE Development Team

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Executive Coaching fromrepparttar Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) consists of highly experienced professionals with “time inrepparttar 141054 trenches,” who understandrepparttar 141055 real demands and pressures you face. Further, they utilize a proven process that will enable you to define priorities, create effective action plans, and stick with your commitments.

If you’ve struggled with changingrepparttar 141056 status quo; if you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by competing demands for your professional and personal energies; if you’re wondering how to createrepparttar 141057 career track that will bring yourepparttar 141058 most satisfaction; if you need assistance in time and life management, strategic thinking, or interpersonal relationships, CMOE’s Executive Coaches may be your solution.

To learn more about Executive Coaching or other leadership skills offered by CMOE, please contact one of their Regional Managers at (801)569-3444. They will be more than willing to discuss their worldwide experience with you in more detail.

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