Written by Jack Overton

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1. Learn online:repparttar why’s and how’s of basement water problems. 2. Fortify yourself by knowingrepparttar 135569 over-sell’s andrepparttar 135570 gotcha closings ofrepparttar 135571 waterproofing professional salesman. 3. Choose a contractor who has been around longer thanrepparttar 135572 last big rain. 4. Get a sign-off fromrepparttar 135573 buyer thatrepparttar 135574 work done will be acceptable without any further obligation on your part. The buyers will rely on a good contractor’s guaranty.

Jack Overton has been in residential waterproofing sales, installations and service for 30 plus years. He has put together a 32 page illustrated volume that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about basement waterproofing but were afraid to ask. It is a scambuster’s dream. Visit for the download.

Where Are All the Good Contractors!!

Written by Celise Bealer

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Remember, before hiring any contractor, dorepparttar following:

·Contactrepparttar 135521 Better Business Bureau to find out ifrepparttar 135522 contractor is a member ofrepparttar 135523 bureau. If so, obtain a copy ofrepparttar 135524 bureau’s report. The report contains general information aboutrepparttar 135525 contractor and will inform you whether or notrepparttar 135526 contractor has a satisfactory record withrepparttar 135527 bureau. The report also contains information such asrepparttar 135528 number of complaints, if any,repparttar 135529 contractor received within a determined period of time (usually 36 months).

·Askrepparttar 135530 contractor to provide references and pictures (if applicable) of his or her completed work from previous jobs.

·Make surerepparttar 135531 contractor is fully licensed and insured.

·Try to obtain a minimum of 3 price quotes forrepparttar 135532 job to be performed.

After you have selected a contractor for your project, be sure to PUT EVERYTHING IN WRITING! This can save you downrepparttar 135533 road inrepparttar 135534 event that something becomes a disputable issue in court. Your contract should include a detailed description ofrepparttar 135535 work to be performed; materials that will be used; timeframes (dates) forrepparttar 135536 progression and completion ofrepparttar 135537 project; a cost breakdown forrepparttar 135538 project and payment information. Penalty clauses should also be included for any breach ofrepparttar 135539 contract by either party. The contract should be signed and dated.

By looking for contractors inrepparttar 135540 right places and doing a little research prior to hiring a contractor, you will greatly increase your chances of having a satisfying and relatively trouble free experience that will be a win/win for you andrepparttar 135541 contractor.

Celise Bealer is an independent distributor for Tahitian Noni International. TNI markets an all natural health supplement called Tahitian Noni Juice, which helps people who suffer from ailments such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes and allergies. Tahitian Noni Juice, along with information about TNI’s unprecedented home-based business opportunity can be found at Celise’s email address is

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