Written by Judy Thompson

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There are several types of compensation plans used by MLM companies to pay commissions. It is notrepparttar scope of this article to go into detail on these compensation plans. But one point I would like to make is this: some MLM compensation plans require high sales quotas, making it necessary for you to be a good sales person in order to do well.

Other plans may use a type of matrix, which requires a much lower volume in order to be paid commissions. In my opinion, matrix plans are better suited for most people, who may not be great at retailing products.

Make no mistake about it, though, a home-based business, whether MLM or not, requires work and financial investment. In addition, it requires a great deal of self-discipline.

The great news, however, is with allrepparttar 142609 automation provided byrepparttar 142610 internet, developing a good quality, good paying home-based business is more realistic today than ever before!

Judy Thompson, a former teacher and business owner, is also an experienced network marketer. She promotes a nutrition company that has an automated support system. For details, go to: http://automaticbuilder.com/333015895/?source=sya405

www.CharitiesThrough Christ.com

Written by stanley smallwood

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This store only marks up it's prices 1x that of wholesale and then sends half ofrepparttar mark-up torepparttar 142515 purchasers church or non-profit organization of their choice. This is one such ecommerce store that's inrepparttar 142516 business not just for it self. Not to say that it's wrong to be in business just for ones self but we ARE getting a portion of 3 TRILLION DOLLARS. One would have to be " one greedy dude " to just want and want and not give a dime to help some one else. Throughrepparttar 142517 donation method created by CTC ( Charities Through Christ )repparttar 142518 shopper doesn't just getrepparttar 142519 item that they want, they enjoyrepparttar 142520 pleasure of knowing that by their purchase they have also helped someone in need. Please visit www.CharitiesThroughChrist.com Continued Blessings Stan Smallwood

I am a United States Marine Corps, Viet Nam Veteran. I was looking for another source of income and thought I'd try the internet.The more I came to realize the potential, The Lord began to convict my spirit. He brought me to remember Matthew 16:26. I believe that, what ever I do, I should do it to glorify and up-lift his Holy Name. I put my faith God. I am praying for His Blessing and asking you to pray for me and my mission.

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