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10 Steps to Better Sales Copy

Written by Brandie Kin

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Don't make financial claims you can't backup. If you are going to brag about how much money you have earned, you better have copies of notarized bank statements on your site showing EXACTLY how much you made. If you haven't made $500 per day selling a given product, don't say you have. It's just not believable. 6) SCARCITY: The limited time offer has been working wonders for years and using it on a web site is no different. Tellingrepparttar visitor that whenrepparttar 127212 product or special price is gone, it is gone, tends to build a sense of urgency. If they don't act now they may lose out. They may not lose out, but you need to convincerepparttar 127213 always skeptical buyer that if they don't act now, your great offer will be history.

7) ACTION: Quite simply, make it easy forrepparttar 127214 visitor to order now. ie; Call this number to order now: or, Just CLICK HERE to go to our secure order page.

Don't makerepparttar 127215 visitor jump through hoops or have to look all over your site for a place to make an order.

8) THE WARNING: Learn to play onrepparttar 127216 visitors fears and emotions. Use a simple statement like this:

"Listen, you can go on making no money forrepparttar 127217 next 20 years, It doesn't matter to me, but if you're serious about changing your life, all it takes is one simple phone call and you'll be on your way to a new beginning."

You are touching an emotional flash point. If they've gotten this far into your sales letter, you obviously have their interest, so hitting those emotional buttons can berepparttar 127218 one thing that makes that sale.

9) NOW: This is building offrepparttar 127219 emotional buttons you pressed in #8. You need to again drive homerepparttar 127220 urgency. Convince them they owe it to themselves, that they don't have to struggle anymore, that there is a better way etc. This is pretty muchrepparttar 127221 icing onrepparttar 127222 cake.

10) THE POSTSCRIPT: Always end with a PS. You can restate #6, while rewording it differently, remind them this is a limited offer. You can also userepparttar 127223 PS to throw in added bonuses by stating that if they act now you will throw in this bonus, or that bonus. You start piling on.

If you've followed these 10 points you pretty much haverepparttar 127224 outline of how some ofrepparttar 127225 best copy writers inrepparttar 127226 world construct copy that has turned ordinary people into millionaires.

Remember that gettingrepparttar 127227 visitor to your website is justrepparttar 127228 start. Once they are there you better know what to do with them.

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