Written by Marie Williams

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Deliver benefits in your ezine, one afterrepparttar other. Your subscribers aren't interested, for example, in an ezine that contains 1 article formatted to 55 characters per line - these are features. But they are interested in an article that will show them exactly how to gain 149 new subscribers per day, especially whenrepparttar 124397 formatted text makes it easy to read - these are benefits.

Pack your ezine with benefits, and your subscribers will stick around long enough to read your sales message.

4) BULLETS. Bullets are a great way of breaking down large chunks of text. Most of your readers will scan through your ezine looking for points of interest. Large "text-dumps" make your ezine an unpleasant and tiresome read; bulleted lists get information across quickly and effortlessly.

5) BUILD. In order to sell, you must build a foundation to sell upon. Build a good relationship with your subscribers. Invite them to ask you questions and to give you feedback. Answer promptly and efficiently when they contact you. Don't ignore their message. Many Internet Marketers have lost their credibility simply from failing to reply to my feedback - they've also lost out on sales from me and on recommendations to my own subscribers. It only takes a few moments of your time to thank your subscribers - a few moments that can literally be worth their weight in gold.

GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. Your focus needs to be on helping your subscribers rather than selling to your subscribers. By concentrating purely onrepparttar 124398 needs and wants of your subscribers, you have created an ezine that can't fail to make sales. If you want to get, you have to give. Check your ezine today - and make sure that it hasn't passed its sell-by date.

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Top 7 Brick 'n Mortar Newsletter Rules

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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6) MAINTAIN QUALITY CONTENT in your newsletters. Whether you have 100 subscribers or 10,000 you must do your best to keep your articles and text clean and spellchecked. If you offer referral to another business, be sure that you are referring them to an honest and reliable business. Your newsletter is a reflection of your business. Never letrepparttar aire of dishonesty show it's ugly face.

7) DIVERSIFY AND DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS. As a "Brick n' Mortar businesses, 75% of you are focused primarily a local market. When your newsletter starts to pick up a nominal amount of subscribers, begin to consider products that can be marketed nationally and internationally. Take advantage ofrepparttar 124396 opportunity. Imaginerepparttar 124397 amount of new prospects you can gain.

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