Written by dr charmaine saunders

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Happiness is a choice. All you have to do is open yourself up to it and itíll be there continuously. The type of happiness that is possible on a permanent level isrepparttar interior peace that means you feel good inside your own skin, that you have a positive relationship with yourself and youíre enjoyingrepparttar 146105 journey we call life. It means you can relax, be yourself, not have to try so hard to please and impress. Most people feel happiness is a goal to be reached somewhere inrepparttar 146106 future. Itís what I call `deferred happiness,í you knowrepparttar 146107 kind of thing - `Iíll rest onrepparttar 146108 weekend,í Iíll travel when I retire,í `I havenít got time to play sport, Iím too busyí - and so on. Each day is a unique experience and cannot be retrieved if you waste it. `Wastingí time having fun is fabulous, wasting time in regret, guilt and anxiety is expended energy you could better utilise elsewhere. Have you noticed that if you just feel happy for its own sake, people think youíre strange. They say things like, `What do you have to be happy about?í or `Whatís brought on this cheerful mood?í The whole point of being happy on a continuous basis is that there is no particular reason - you feelrepparttar 146109 joy inside you and you naturally smile and shine, like walking nearrepparttar 146110 ocean on a glorious summerís day and being grateful just to be alive. You can have that `blissí allrepparttar 146111 time, inrepparttar 146112 sun, inrepparttar 146113 rain, on good days and difficult, when life is going your way and when it appears everythingís against you. Itís feeling `okayí inside allrepparttar 146114 time. That is true freedom. And as you shine, those around you bask inrepparttar 146115 warmth of your joy. How do we positively work withrepparttar 146116 happiness principle? *Look for signs everywhere *Make positive thinking a choice *Relax and stop worrying *Remember life is a daily adventure *Connect with your inner child every day *Play every day, not just on weekends and holidays *Love yourself enough to allow happiness I think of myself as a `joy merchant,í someone who sellsrepparttar 146117 idea of joy. If you adopt this philosophy in your everyday life, Itíll change your life. Iím going to finish this discussion with my favorite saying, `There is no way to happiness; happiness isrepparttar 146118 way.í Please write to me if you want to know more about living with joy.

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Who Says Knowledge Is Power?

Written by Steve Gillman

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The most important part of making knowledge into power, is to act. You can study political philosophy and every aspect ofrepparttar political process for a decade, and still have no power. Power is inrepparttar 146051 effective application of what you know.

Imagine an inventor with a hundred ideas on paper. He has a head full of knowledge, and a creative imagination, but nothing to show for it. Now imagine a simple man with one new invention, who understandsrepparttar 146052 limits of innovation without marketing, and sees his own limitations in that area. He seeks outrepparttar 146053 people that can help, and makes a million. Now that's power.

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