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Understanding motivation gives usrepparttar power to accept our behaviour and to change what we think and do.

ELEMENTS OF MOTIVATION: * Desire * Decision * Determination * Discipline * Focus * Direction

"The buck starts and stops with you". The clearerrepparttar 124102 goalrepparttar 124103 more powerfulrepparttar 124104 motivation. WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT.

Motivation comes from a challenge, so be open to new challenges.

What motivates you NOW. (this can be very different from two years ago). Refer Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

EGO SOCIAL SAFETY BASIC (food,safety) How do we maintain motivation?

1. You must want to grow personally. This requires CHARACTER. 2. You should be open to new challenges, ie. be willing to break out of your secure comfort zone. 3.You must have a P.M.A. and be willing to change your thinking. (Dawn Fraser:"I won more races inrepparttar 124105 locker room than inrepparttar 124106 pool") 4.Do it with ENTHUSIASM.

5.Be willing to unlock your hidden potential (99%ofrepparttar 124107 people inrepparttar 124108 world use less than 10% of their brain capacity)



Assess where you are now and how you got there. Are you happy? What is important to you (what are your deepest values)? Am I happy now with a balanced life? If not, what can I do about it? What can I change ...and I must accept what I can't (however you can change a lot more than you think)?

Write down your short term, medium-term and long- term goals. How are you going to get there? Assess your strengths and weaknesses. Are your goals realistic? Do you need to obtain further qualifications or skills to obtain them? What other obstacles could stand in my way. Will this really make me happy?

Is my life balanced or do I need to allocate more time/energy in to other areas?


CHALLENGES and CRISES: Arerepparttar 124109 current goals in your life challenging enough? List those areas in your life, which need new challenges: personal, family, work, spiritual, community. __________


How do you see yourself - positively or negatively? 1. What do you like most about yourself? List repparttar 124110 five qualities you like most. 2. Briefly describe your current career situation and how you feel about it - positive or negative? What do you do well? Think constantly about your strengths. 3. What results/achievements are you most proud of. Celebrate past sucesses, rather than remembering past failures. 4.Write a short note to yourself: who do you want to be and what do you want to achieve byrepparttar 124111 year 2005. Use your IMAGINATION. Serendipity.Accept CHANGE as a fact of life. Make change work for you. PLAN ahead.

How to achieve career satisfaction?: 1. get to know yourself. 2. learn what you have to offer others. 3. know what you want 4. find out how to get it (eg. acquire study skills). "AS I THINK I BEHAVE"

Asrepparttar 124112 Nike ad says, just GO FOR IT.

Craig Lock

In Part Two we'll have a brief look atrepparttar 124113 concepts of goalsetting, attitude and how we can overcomerepparttar 124114 effects of stress on our busy modern lives.

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Written by Craig Lock

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DESIRE best sustains your thoughts. The more passionate your desire,repparttar quicker it will happen. Benefit fromrepparttar 124101 knowledge ("the pearls of wisdom") found in books, like this one (plug plug). Read books and keep repeating positive words. Repetition of affirmations really works by imprinting positive thoughts in repparttar 124102 mind. NEVER GIVE UP.

Mastering our own destiny and fulfilling our potential as "human beans" , our dreams is our ultimate purpose in life. In so doing, I also believe we can (no WILL) glorify God,repparttar 124103 Great Creator. Find your passion and extend your goals. Love what you do. Find work that satisfies you and you will have found your passion.

I love researching and studyingrepparttar 124104 human mind, then applying repparttar 124105 principles to see whether they DO work. MASTER THE UNCONSCIOUS (SUBCONSCIOUS) MIND: Accept it asrepparttar 124106 truth and you will. If you have faith that you will accomplish something, you will. The more you internalise it (a fancy term used by those rather weird 'psycho types') which simply means making it real within you),repparttar 124107 more powerful it becomes. "You can do very little with faith, but you can do nothing without it." - Samuel Butler

Your unconscious mind is extremely susceptible torepparttar 124108 power of words and it can be easily influenced. Words like "can't" engrave themselves inrepparttar 124109 unconscious; so that negative thoughts and feelings become your self-image. To become rich you have to create a new self-image. Self-image depends l argely on your expectation about who you're going to be.

So work on your SELF-IMAGE. Believe in your uniqueness and ability to make your own special contribution torepparttar 124110 world no matter how small, or how dull, or unintelligent you think you may be. Everybody has some unique talent and there is no other like you in this world. There is a seed of greatness in each one of us - a precious resource to achieve something unique in our lives.


Good Luck

Craig Lock

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