Gymnastics Olympic Champions From 1988-2004

Written by Murray Hughes

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1992 Tatiana Gutsu, Vitaly Scherbo

Tatiana Gutsu, women’s all-around champion inrepparttar 1992 Olympics, has an excellent record of performance. She was born onrepparttar 143967 fifty of September, 1976 inrepparttar 143968 Soviet Union, and was selected at a very young age by her coach and trainer, Victor Dikii. Inrepparttar 143969 1992 Olympics, her career became tarnished by conspiracy when she tookrepparttar 143970 place of Roza Galieva inrepparttar 143971 all-around competition, one for which she did not qualify. It later became known that Galieva was not really injured, and though it was apparently not Gutsu’s idea to take over that part ofrepparttar 143972 competition,repparttar 143973 two of them splitrepparttar 143974 prize earnings and became bitter acquaintances. Today, Tatiana lives inrepparttar 143975 United States.

Vitaly Scherbo, men’s all-around champion in 1992, has a very impressive record. He won an unprecedented six individual gold medals atrepparttar 143976 ‘92 Olympics and, all told, he holds more than fifty medals in total from championships aroundrepparttar 143977 world. Coached by two ofrepparttar 143978 best inrepparttar 143979 world -- Leonid Filipenok and Sergei Shinkar, he is truly an impressive gymnast. Now, with his wife and daughter, Irina and Kristina respectively, he runsrepparttar 143980 Vitaly Scherbo School of Gymnastics in Las Vegas. The website forrepparttar 143981 school of gymnastics can be found at

1988 Elena Shoushounova, Vladimir Artemov

Elena Shushonova, women’s all-around Olympic champion of 1988, was born in May of 1969 in Saint Petersburg, which was, atrepparttar 143982 time, Leningrad. She trained under Viktor Gavrichenkov atrepparttar 143983 Central Army Club inrepparttar 143984 then Soviet Union. With two Olympic gold medals, a bronze medal and a silver medal, and more than twenty other medals from championships aroundrepparttar 143985 world, Elena Shushonova has an illustrious history of gymnastic prowess, and in 2004, she was added torepparttar 143986 International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

Born inrepparttar 143987 town for which he was named in December of 1964, Vladimir Artemov came away withrepparttar 143988 all around gold medal inrepparttar 143989 1988 Olympics. In fact, he came away a champion several times over, with gold or silver in all of his events, a truly impressive finish. Trained under Viktor Firsov at Burevestnik, at that time a part ofrepparttar 143990 Soviet Union, he also received thirteen other medals in all of his other endeavors. Now, he lives inrepparttar 143991 United States with his wife and children, and is a part ofrepparttar 143992 National Coaching Staff.

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Applying Law of Gravity to Judo

Written by Balaji B

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Also, it is obvious thatrepparttar same thing will happen whenrepparttar 143898 stability ofrepparttar 143899 legs supportingrepparttar 143900 trunk is taken away. When your opponent takes a larger step forward than usual, you merely sweep his advanced foot away inrepparttar 143901 direction of his advance,(de-ashi-harai, or advanced foot sweep). By doing this, you will drop him withrepparttar 143902 gravity acting on him directly.

Finally let us consider a case in whichrepparttar 143903 opponent is downed byrepparttar 143904 nullification of his resistance to gravity. It may be difficult for you, because ofrepparttar 143905 weight advantage of your opponent, to lift him with your arms. But it is easy to support him atrepparttar 143906 center of gravity with your loins as he leans forward. Look atrepparttar 143907 seesaw inrepparttar 143908 above figure.

A long board is supported atrepparttar 143909 center of gravity, so thatrepparttar 143910 gravity on one side is equal to that onrepparttar 143911 other. Thus a slight force can rotaterepparttar 143912 board aroundrepparttar 143913 fulcrum. After making your opponent lean forward, support him atrepparttar 143914 center of gravity with your loins. No matter how much weight he may have, a slight pull can rotate him around your loins. To support your opponent completely atrepparttar 143915 center of gravity with your loins isrepparttar 143916 key point of such hip throws as o-goshi, o-tsuri-goshi, ko-tsuri-goshi, hane-goshi, etc.

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