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A Review of Scientific American Magazine

Written by Jason Canon

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Scientific American isrepparttar oldest continuously published magazine inrepparttar 143828 United States. It has been reporting about developments in science and technology for more than 150 years. A restless inventor named Rufus Porter foundedrepparttar 143829 publication in 1845 as a weekly that was titled "The Advocate of Industry and Enterprise, and Journal of Mechanical and Other Improvements."

Scientific American can boast that in addition torepparttar 143830 likes of Albert Einstein, Francis Crick, Jonas Salk and Linus Pauling, more than 120 Nobel laureates have written forrepparttar 143831 magazine. Most of them wrote about their prize-winning works years before they were recognized byrepparttar 143832 Nobel Committee.

Year after year when asked “what would you like for your birthday” I am proud to be among those who respond “another subscription to Scientific American.”

The complete review of Scientific American Magazine, including photographs, can be found online at:

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