Guide to Servicing your Chainsaw

Written by Keith Kingston

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After every 10 hours of use you need to clean or replacerepparttar air filter. Byreplacingrepparttar 113383 air filter on a regular basis your chainsaw will be able to run cooler and use less fuel.

The sprocket tip should be lubricated after every 10 hours of use. You will know that lubrication is complete when a small amount of grease appears atrepparttar 113384 edge ofrepparttar 113385 guide bar nearrepparttar 113386 sprocket.

For every 10 hours of userepparttar 113387 guide bar should be turned. Fliprepparttar 113388 guide bar over to promote an even wear pattern onrepparttar 113389 bottom and top ofrepparttar 113390 bar. Inspectrepparttar 113391 spark plug after every 10 hours of use and cleaned or replaced as necessary.

For every 10 hours of userepparttar 113392 spark arrester screen should be inspected and cleaned and replaced when necessary. The spark arrester screen prevents sparks from leavingrepparttar 113393 exhaust port and hurtingrepparttar 113394 operator or falling on flammable materials.

The fuel filter should be replaced after every 20 hours of use. Poor performance can result ifrepparttar 113395 filter becomes clogged.

To ensurerepparttar 113396 maximum performance performrepparttar 113397 following procedures as needed to prolongrepparttar 113398 life of your chainsaw. Take your chainsaw to an authorized dealer ifrepparttar 113399 carburetor needs adjustment. The chain blades should be sharpened periodically as they become dull.

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Winter Gardening

Written by Candee Stark

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5. Take lots of notes and draw any ideas you might come up with.(even those ideas that wake you up inrepparttar middle ofrepparttar 113382 night!)

6. Of course, visit online nurseries to see what they have to offer. Many sites offer suggestions and interesting gardening articles as well.

Before you know it spring will be here, you will have a shovel in your hand, and you will have a plan! Always Happy Gardening!

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