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Written by Bob Cannon

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With rampant specialization taking place in all areas of our lives,repparttar information that is available to us has increased by a factor of 10,000. If we are to dorepparttar 119462 best for our organizations, it is imperative that visionary leaders and business decision-makers expand their knowledge accordingly. They must increase data input capabilities and speed uprepparttar 119463 decision-making process to keep pace. The question is, “Can we change that quickly?” History suggests that we have remained genetically unchanged through thousands of years and it takes a minimum of a million years to affect and change us. We can’t wait that long to addressrepparttar 119464 gap betweenrepparttar 119465 exponential specialization and our human capabilities. If we agree that our future depends on our ability to learn faster than our competition and we recognize our own individual limitations, thenrepparttar 119466 only solution lies in increasingrepparttar 119467 human talent available to our organizations. I am not talking about a specialist who is internally focused and going to generate more information further complicating our already overly complicated lives, but rather a generalist who is externally focused and capable of leading teams of specialists at all levels inrepparttar 119468 organization. Someone with creative talent, a solid foundation in basics and a uniqueness of thought capable of taking a project from start to finish, thereby lesseningrepparttar 119469 load on yourepparttar 119470 visionary leader and business decision-maker. Large, prosperous organizations may be able to add this type of talent to their staff, but there are potential problems in this approach. First, it is costly. Second, these people need to be constantly challenged. Third and possibly most important is thatrepparttar 119471 longer they stay withrepparttar 119472 organizationrepparttar 119473 more they are likely to develop an internal perspective and thereby diminish their effectiveness torepparttar 119474 organization. Consequently,repparttar 119475 challenges for organizations large and small arerepparttar 119476 same. Where do we find this kind of talent? How do we utilize this talent and have them maintain an external perspective? After much introspection and thought, I have decidedrepparttar 119477 solution lies in hiring talent on a project-by-project basis. The specifications for this talent include real world experience leading projects from inception to successful completion. The talent must have a track record of working with and through people as well as exhibiting creativity andrepparttar 119478 potential for original thinking. Obviously this person needs to be a good communicator. If you have followed my logic this far, then what you need is a “Consultant.”

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7 Steps To Hire The Best

Written by Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

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4th Prediction Method = Role-Play

Ifrepparttar applicant did well on 3rd Prediction Method, then have applicant do Role-Play immediately after In-Depth Interview. The 15 – 30 minute role-play lets you see ifrepparttar 119461 applicant has critical job skills. For example, have a Sales Rep applicant role-play selling. Then, assessrepparttar 119462 applicant using a customized Role-Play Rating Checklist.

5th Prediction Method = Realistic Job Preview

If you decide applicant did well on 1st – 4th Prediction Methods, then do Realistic Job Preview: For RJP,repparttar 119463 applicant spends ½ - 1 day watching an employee doingrepparttar 119464 job. Benefit: Applicants who received RJP are less likely to (a) accept job offer – but, if they accept, (b) turnover. Reason: The RJP assures they know what they are getting themselves into!

6th Prediction Method = 1 Executive Must Approve All Hiring

Ifrepparttar 119465 applicant did well on 1st – 5th Prediction Methods, then one executive at your company reviews Applicant Rating Summary Form. Your company’s quick Applicant Summary Rating Form * summarizes ratings – positive, average, or negative – on 1st – 5th Prediction Methods * “forces” managers to actually use your structured hiring steps

Important: Ifrepparttar 119466 applicant’s ratings on 1st – 5th Prediction Methods include + all positive ratings, then executive may approve hiring applicant - average or negative ratings, thenrepparttar 119467 executive may not allow applicant to be hired

7th Prediction Method = Reference Checks

If your company decidesrepparttar 119468 applicant did well on 1st – 6th Prediction Methods – plus accepts job offer – then you conduct Reference Checks. If they prove + positive, then your company keeps applicant as an employee - negative, then you take appropriate action

How Much Time Do You Need to Hirerepparttar 119469 Best? Many managers moan they are time-crunched, and ask how much time these seven steps require. Two answers: 1. If an applicant does well on 1st – 7th Prediction Methods, then you invested 2 – 3 hours to hirerepparttar 119470 best 2. Ask yourself: How much time – and money – did you waste when you hired average or below-average applicants? You wasted many hours – plus salary, benefits and low productivity – because you failed to invest only 2 – 3 hours to hirerepparttar 119471 best!

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Michael Mercer, Ph.D., is America’s Hire the Best Expert™. Dr. Mercer authored five books, including “Hire the Best -- & Avoid the Rest™”. Many companies rely on his pre-employment test – “Abilities & Behavior Forecaster™ Test” – to help hire the best. You can subscribe to his free e-Newsletter at or call him at (847) 382-0690.

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