Guide To Some Common Herbs That Heal

Written by Lee Dobbins

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This much publicized herb can help stabilizerepparttar immune system. It can be taken as a pill or tincture or pulled out ofrepparttar 145089 ground an eaten as a snack! You may have some of these purple daisy like flowers growing near you and not even realize that they have medicinal properties.


You thought it was just a tasty root to put on bread but this herb has been used since ancient Egypt and has properties that strengthenrepparttar 145090 immune system. It is used as a treatment for infections, coughs and colds.


Our herb guide likes ginger as it can be used in so many dishes. It is reputed to aid in circulation.


Rich in potassium, this herb is often used as a garnish and left uneaten. I suggest you put it right in your salad and eat it up - it has many vitamins and is reputed to strengthenrepparttar 145091 kidneys and help with waste removal.


This herb stimulates circulation and aids in memory.

St. John's Wort

No herb guide would be complete without mention of this herb which is used to treat mild depression and elevate mood.

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Written by The Surfer

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