Guess WHO Can Stop Spam

Written by Jerome Dsouza

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Of course, consideringrepparttar amount of daily sp^am one receives,repparttar 109586 delete/filter options will have to be used but where ever possible this alternative should be used too.

I believe these ideas will work if we can spreadrepparttar 109587 word far and fast and especially to reach sp^ammers themselves. The more sp^ammers know what is being done with their sp^am mail - besides deleting and filtering -repparttar 109588 less attractive willrepparttar 109589 sp^am option get.

So don't hesitate to send this on to your friends and spreadrepparttar 109590 word all overrepparttar 109591 internet neighborhood.

LET'S GET INVOLVED AND ENFORCE 'OUR' GROUND RULES... Let's Helprepparttar 109592 New-born Newbie and Genuine Networkers like OURSELVES...

Let's make 2003 largely 'spm-fhree' I mean sp^am-fr^ee... I mean spa^m fr*e... I mean sp*m f^ree... I mean...Oh, forget it!

Do include my resource box if you do so. Thanks!

p.s. Would it be justified to use a sp^ammer's resources to blast this email to millions? Why Not Indeed!

:) Just Jokin'

Jerome Dsouza

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There's a NEW Mafia in Town

Written by Deirdre Jones

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Not only that, mull this one over...

Remember, all that GREAT free information provided to you byrepparttar home and small business owner? POOF! No more. Either you will pay for this information or no longer receive it. After all, you cannot expect these small businesses to absorb allrepparttar 109585 costs by themselves, can you? It is just not feasible - that would put them out of business. So expect to open your wallets, too, ordinary citizens.

And why do you think it is that allrepparttar 109586 large entities like AOL, Yahoo, and others are jumping on this bandwagon so gleefully? Because they know that now that can send us allrepparttar 109587 junk mail they want with virtually no competition, because THEY can afford it. After all, $3,000 a month is a small price to pay for eliminating your competition, isn't it?

Of course,repparttar 109588 REAL spammers are going to have a field day with this one, too. They forge email headers now, so what is to stop them from forging Habeas' header? The threat of a lawsuit, you say. Ha! Surely, you jest... How can you sue someone who is invisible (impossible to find)?

The REAL clincher to all this is that you will be paying this "protection" money to a PRIVATE corporation. Wake up, people! Would you allow "Joe Ordinary " to just rob you onrepparttar 109589 street and not report him torepparttar 109590 authorities? Heck no!

So can you explain why we are allowing Habeas to do this to us? They have even eliminated all of their competition by applying for a patent. Sounds likerepparttar 109591 Mafia to me - eliminaterepparttar 109592 competition...

Here is what I saying... We lay down and took it whenrepparttar 109593 Internet Service Providers decided that it was their job to decide what email we should receive, forrepparttar 109594 most part. My ISP gives me a choice - I would not have it ANY other way. I pay them, they DO NOT pay me. Are we going to continue down this same path until we have no freedom?

As one popular commercial says, "It sucks when other people make choices for you, doesn't it?" My question to you is, how long are we going to be strong-armed into "protection" before we say, "Enough is enough!"

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