Guerrilla Marketing and How It Can Work for You

Written by Kate Smalley

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To overcome this competitive challenge,repparttar home security business decided to offer a more comprehensive product and included a 100-percent, money-back satisfaction guarantee. It also offered free security seminars to neighborhood watch groups, discounts for referrals and complimentary security audits to customers who signed up for a time period. The new approach worked like a charm. Within several months of opening,repparttar 149683 business received doublerepparttar 149684 amount of customer sign-ups it had originally anticipated.

Here are some simple ways you can you capitalize on guerrilla marketing:

Invest time, energy and creativity into marketing, instead of money. Use a blend of marketing weapons, instead of a single tool. Carefully focus all of your marketing tactics, instead of using a random approach. Tailor marketing messages to individuals, instead of groups. Focus on making long-term relationships, rather than sales. Form mutually-beneficial business partnerships.

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Ezine Advertising Deals Revealed

Written by Greg Root

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Some common specials you'll see are buy one get one free solo ads (your ad alone goes out torepparttar entire list of subscribers), volumn ad discounts, and ad packages. The ad packages usually have a mixture of ads for example, a solo ad, top sponsor ad, and a classified ad.

Off Season Ad Specials Summer and mid Winter (December and January) are usually slower months in terms of advertising. Many ezine owners who don't normally offer ad space in their publications will offer special deals to subscribers. These advertising specials are limited in number and may sell out quickly. A recent ad I ran in one of these ezines producedrepparttar 149682 best response I've had yet.

Submitting Articles As a subscriber, you'll get to submit articles to some ofrepparttar 149683 ezines. This is an increasingly popular method of getting your message prominently in front of ezine subscibers for free. The key to this method is to offer quality information and then put a subtle pitch for your website atrepparttar 149684 end inrepparttar 149685 author's bio. This method works best if you own your own website versus affiliate or replicated web sites.

Additionally, you can submit your article directly to other ezine publishers who accept them, to article announcement lists, and to article directories.

I highly recommend that you do not miss out on this type of promotion. In fact, hire a ghost writer if you have trouble writing. There are hundreds if not thousands of places online that will accept articles for free. You'll recover your investment.

If you want to save money and put your ad campaign in high gear, employrepparttar 149686 methods mentioned and keep a sharp eye out. The combined savings will be quite substantial. Of course, that means an increase in your profit margin.

Greg Root started using ezine advertising almost exclusively since 2003 and owns and maintains 'The Ezine Ad Tester' at . See the results of his ezine advertising campaigns to find the best ezine marketing resources on the internet.

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