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Written by Chad Hall

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3. Text Only versions of your site. If your page is available to other countries, as our is, it is a good idea to have a text only version of your site. Why? Because most ofrepparttar people who are not located inrepparttar 125240 United States do not haverepparttar 125241 Internet connection speeds that we here inrepparttar 125242 US take for granted. Most of these people also have older computers with slower processors and low graphics capability. It has to be annoying for people in foreign countries to go to a site that has a product that they need, only to find out that they can't readrepparttar 125243 fancy Flash programming. I do not currently have this text only version, but I am working on it as we speak. So, to all of you in foreign countries, I have listened to your requests, and I am taking action!

4. New Killer Content. Sure, you can have two thousand pages on your site. But, if someone has read them all, why would they come back? You have to continuously update your page and add new killer content. I suggest a weekly column or monthly bulletin. You just need something to keeprepparttar 125244 visitors interested in book marking your site for future viewing.

If you really want to gain visitors, then you will. When I started our site, we had 25 visitors a day. Now, we have had 100,000 NEW visitors inrepparttar 125245 past three months. We now have a 50% return visitor rate. In our industry, that is good. For our business, it is working phenomenally! The last bit of advice I can offer is to continually readrepparttar 125246 Web Pro News daily! It offers intelligent and cutting edge information, which will help your web site grow exponentially.

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Headline Junkie

Written by David Galluzzo

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we may believe ourselves to be, inrepparttar real world most people need to be curious and/or excited before they will allow themselves to be led. In this case led to what ever it is you may be marketing. There are many great books and eBooks (electronic books) available that can teach you how to write effective headlines and copy. It would be time well spent exploring and usingrepparttar 125239 proven techniques many of these can offer. The simple utilization of a few words that you are currently not using in your marketing efforts can change your response and sales rates dramatically. When you evaluaterepparttar 125240 content of most of these books you will noticerepparttar 125241 common theme to use powerful words that evoke curiosity and excitement. Words and statements that define forrepparttar 125242 readerrepparttar 125243 value and benefit that your offer has for them and finally (the internet marketers body blow and finisher)repparttar 125244 immediate call to action. So if in your internet travels you find yourself twitching to click one of those links, go ahead - it feels good and it won't kill you or your integrity. You might actually find a great headline that leads to an equally great product and you will have then experienced first hand a simple but profound formula for online marketing success. Oh yeah and you will have also experiencedrepparttar 125245 real joy and purpose of being a true...Headline Junkie!

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