Growing a Green Thumb

Written by Dale Power

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“Where to start though? It seems so complex.” This comment from her seemed strange to me. She had more thanrepparttar skills needed to do this. Plants practically crave human attention for some reason! What she needed was a quick rundown ofrepparttar 122108 steps involved, then she would see that this was literally something that everyone could be good at. “You already know how to meditate, and your remember how to think conceptually, right?” I asked her, more to prompt her thoughts into action rather than question her ability. “If you want a plant to grow, and can holdrepparttar 122109 concept clearly, it will. In fact you can even change many genetic traits of a plant if you take enough time and reinforcerepparttar 122110 field daily.” “Right, it feels like when I am in meditation and thinking, but my mind is empty atrepparttar 122111 same time. No words cluttering things up.” She looked me dead inrepparttar 122112 eye and without blinking said “Pictures still creep in to my mind though. That means that I can’t do anything psychically right. Not psychokinetically anyway.” That was notrepparttar 122113 case as all I assured her. A few pictures creeping in to her mind as she worked was not going to keep her from being successful. Especially with plants. “Here lets go overrepparttar 122114 steps.” I made a big show of sitting down as if we would be there for a while.

*Relax and go into a meditative state. Let your mind clear and go as deeply as possible. *Feelrepparttar 122115 makeup ofrepparttar 122116 plant in your mind. Don’t force it or judge it yet, just letrepparttar 122117 information come. *To directrepparttar 122118 plant in how you want it to grow, just holdrepparttar 122119 idea, as clearly as possible, in your mind. Picture it if it helps to holdrepparttar 122120 concept for you.

“That’s all it is. Plants aren’t that complex really, and they don’t demand a lot of hard work to modify them. Just a bit of love and patients.”

She gave me a wide eyed look “Plants have feelings?” Now I had to explain that while they are reactive to their environment they don’t have emotions like we do of course. They don’t need to. It is sometimes just simpler to say, your plant is scared, than to describerepparttar 122121 fairly involved reactions thatrepparttar 122122 plant is going through. Then we had a conversation about making genetic changes in plants. I indicated that this was not only easy but fun too. All she had to do to effect these changes was to holdrepparttar 122123 concept of what she wanted just like we had talked about. Even if she wanted to do things like changerepparttar 122124 color ofrepparttar 122125 flowers or shape ofrepparttar 122126 leaves.

Several years later and Mollyrepparttar 122127 plant is still hale and hardy, even several years past her prime and byrepparttar 122128 look of Hanna’s garden each year, I would say she managed to grow that green thumb.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

Seeing Ghosts

Written by Dale Power

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Alternatively you can “see” most ofrepparttar same things with your eyes closed! This is likely becauserepparttar 122107 ability to see ghosts is not a visual process but one that overlapsrepparttar 122108 visual field inrepparttar 122109 brain. It seems visual, but that is just because ofrepparttar 122110 wayrepparttar 122111 mind interprets data.

Close you eyes and keep your mind as clear as possible. Focus your attention ahead of you, much as if you were looking with your physical eyes. This helps most people concentrate, as it is a part of their normal functioning patterns. After a few moments you will likely notice movement inrepparttar 122112 room around you. It is not uncommon to be able to senserepparttar 122113 room andrepparttar 122114 people in it, in a fashion that leaves ghostly images in your mind.

By moving your head slowly from side to side you will be able to sense anything inrepparttar 122115 room that is holding still as well. Experience will show that movement is part of this basic sense. Either in what you are looking at or in yourself.

With a bit of practice with either or both methods you will begin to notice forms moving throughrepparttar 122116 space you are looking at. Some will ignore you no matter what you do, but many take your attention as a sign that they should try to interact with you! If you respond in a kind and gentle manner, you will find that you can open up communication with some of them.

Communicating with ghosts. Ghosts will often try to communicate in several ways, they will gesture, mouth words, generated words using ambient sounds and communicate on a telepathic level. By paying attention to what they do and say you can often get very clear pictures of what it is they wish to tell you. It takes no special skill, being more like talking with a small child that does not speak yet, but will manage to make their need known regardless, than some supernatural ability.

If you keep you mind very clear, you will be able to pick uprepparttar 122117 impressions thatrepparttar 122118 ghosts or entity is trying to send you. Remember that even though some entities will try to frighten you, they have no real power over you. In fact you are far more powerful, having a body to generate useful energy to performrepparttar 122119 task at hand, as well as havingrepparttar 122120 ability to use environmental energy like they do. Don’t let them intimidate you. This isrepparttar 122121 main reason for being well shielded atrepparttar 122122 beginning of this adventure. Not so much for protection, as you mainly won’t need it, but to prevent fear from entering you mind.

Most ghosts have simple messages they wish to share. They do not have, generally speaking,repparttar 122123 complexity we see in living people. To send a message that they can understand, simply holdrepparttar 122124 concept,repparttar 122125 impression, you wish them to receive, in your mind. Given a clear and focused impression, they will likely come to understand you in just a few moments!

Some words of warning before you start. Just as cool free offers spread by word of mouth onrepparttar 122126 internet, so to will word of your efforts get past to ghosts that wish to talk to someone. After a few days of regular practice communicating with ghosts, hundreds or even thousands may appear, all vying for your attention!

This can seem overwhelming at first, to sayrepparttar 122127 least! Remember though, that you can shield your person or home to keep them out, even specific rooms in your house, such asrepparttar 122128 bathroom, or you can simply ignore them.

If you go back to being boring, by not talking to them, they will rapidly seek entertainment elsewhere! Give them no attention for a week and all butrepparttar 122129 most dedicated will be gone.

You can often get away with speaking to one or two without drawingrepparttar 122130 huge crowds, but much more than that may call more of them to your location than you wish!

With a little work, you can experience many ofrepparttar 122131 same things thatrepparttar 122132 top mediums have reported throughrepparttar 122133 ages, in a safe and non-threatening way! Followrepparttar 122134 basic steps and have fun!

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

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