Grow Your Own SIMPLE Tea Garden

Written by Don Rohde, Cedar Creek Woodshop

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5. Labelrepparttar varieties of tea onrepparttar 136126 bottom or side of planter, or create popsicle-stick signs to place inrepparttar 136127 soil.

6. Move planter to a warm place in indirect sunlight until germination takes place. After germination, relocate planter to a warm area with natural sunlight.

7. When tea leaves reach a height of about two inches, thin out seedlings acrossrepparttar 136128 total planter surface to provide adequate space for future growth.

8. Water periodically, only whenrepparttar 136129 soil is moderately dry. DO NOT OVERWATER!!)

9. Pick tea leaves sparingly and brew in a hot pot of water. Sit back, sip and enjoy!


Discover Container Gardening with Tomatoes

Written by Cyndi Roberts

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Dig a hole a little bigger than your plant ball and just set your tomato intorepparttar hole right up torepparttar 136089 leaves and fill all around with more potting soil.

Of course, you must waterrepparttar 136090 plants to make them grow! Your tomato plants will respond well to regular feeding. Apply a liquid fertilizer once a week.

Once your plants are larger, you may need to stake them; however, if you are growingrepparttar 136091 "bush" variety, they won't need to be staked.

Once your plants are bearing, you may find yourself with a surplus. Whole tomatoes can be frozen for use later on in soups and casseroles. Just wash and put in sealed plastic bags and place in freezer. When you're ready to use them, let them thaw partway so repparttar 136092 skin can come off and they're ready to go inrepparttar 136093 soup pot!

If you prefer to freeze your tomatoes already chopped, just dip each tomato in boiling water for about 10 seconds. Thenrepparttar 136094 peel will pull right off. Choprepparttar 136095 tomato, put in bags and freeze.

Here's a good vegetable soup recipe for using frozen tomatoes.

Combine 1 1/2 cups frozen chopped tomatoes 1 can new potatoes, drained and chopped 1 can sliced carrots, drained 1 large can tomato sauce 1 1/2 teaspoons Italian seasoning 1 3/4 cups beef broth

Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes, to let flavors mingle. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cyndi Roberts is the editor of the bi-weekly newsletter "1 Frugal Friend 2 Another", bringing you practical, money-saving tips, recipes and ideas. Visit her online at to subscribe and receive the Free e-course, "Taming the Monster Grocery Bill".

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