Grocery prices driven up by supermarket discount cards

Written by Jeremy Brubaker

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Coupons are also a waste of money. I'd vote for no more coupons in exchange for reducing prices slightly on each product. They would even be saving trees as they saved money.

I getrepparttar feeling these stores are not even trying to run efficiently. It is going to be impossible for them to deliverrepparttar 113176 lowest price to consumers when they are wasting so much money on silly games. Look forrepparttar 113177 savings card at a store near you and run to a competitor with a smarter business plan.

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Coffee: A Historic Beverage, And A Great Holiday Gift

Written by Irene D. Hope

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Decaffeinated coffee was first founded in 1903 when Ludwig Roselius, a German coffee importer, gave a batch of damaged coffee beans to researchers. They developedrepparttar process of takingrepparttar 113175 caffeine out ofrepparttar 113176 beans without losing any flavor. This was marketed inrepparttar 113177 1920s.

Instant coffee was first mass produced fromrepparttar 113178 invention of George Constant Washington, an English chemist living in Guatemala. While waiting for his wife one day to join him outside for coffee, he observed onrepparttar 113179 spout ofrepparttar 113180 silver coffee urn, a fine powder, which looked to berepparttar 113181 condensation ofrepparttar 113182 coffee vapors. This excited him and led to his founding of soluble coffee.

In 1906 he started experiments and put his invention, Red E Coffee, inrepparttar 113183 markets in 1909. Nestle', in 1938, trying to aid Brazil with their coffee surpluses created freeze-dried coffee. Nescafe was started and first introduced into Switzerland. Instant coffee became a fad after 1956 when commercial television wasrepparttar 113184 new craze.

And now inrepparttar 113185 US alone, 400 billion cups of coffee a year are consumed. Coffee is one ofrepparttar 113186 world's largest commodities, second only to oil. From a remote area in Africa, to millions of shelves and homes worldwide, coffee has became a fixture everywhere.

Irene D. Hope isrepparttar 113187 webmaster of All Special Coffee

Irene D. Hope is the webmaster of All Special Coffee

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