Greenhouse Gardening

Written by Matthew Leo

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Greenhouses come in all shapes, fromrepparttar standard rectangular shape, to round or even conservatories connected torepparttar 113396 house. There is no best size for a greenhouse. The size that fits your space best works fine. Even a small greenhouse can accomodate many plants. Some commercially made greenhouses are extendable with add on sections to add as needed.

The best available material for a greenhouse frame is aluminum. The maintentance is very low, it never deteriorates, and it allowsrepparttar 113397 most light in due to it being thinner than wooden frames.

Make sure you allow for good ventilation. Allow room for at least one work bench. Keep in mind that you will also need storage space inrepparttar 113398 greenhouse for extra pots, hand tools, etc.

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Brick Patio Weed Control

Written by Hans Dekker

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Vinegar will kill most weeds. However, grocery store vinegar is normally a 5% solution and is too weak to dorepparttar job. Ten-percent vinegar will kill most weeds and usually is found where canning and pickling supplies are sold. A 20% solution of vinegar kills really stubborn weeds, but is frequently more than twice as expensive as 10%. Tryrepparttar 113395 10% for brick patio weed control before you makerepparttar 113396 investment in a stronger solution. Sprayrepparttar 113397 vinegar directly onrepparttar 113398 weeds, usingrepparttar 113399 shield mentioned above and taking care not to inhale fumes. You may also want to wear gloves and eye protection as a further safeguard for this type of brick patio weed control.

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