Green Tea and Your Health

Written by Josie Anderson

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- Help inrepparttar prevention of tooth decay.

Green Tea Differs from Other Types of Tea

What makes green tea different from other tea isrepparttar 149526 process in which it is made. Made fromrepparttar 149527 plant of Camellia sinensis,repparttar 149528 leaves are steamed after being removed fromrepparttar 149529 plant so that oxidation ofrepparttar 149530 leaves is prevented. By doing thisrepparttar 149531 leaves remain green and active substances that are contained inrepparttar 149532 leaves keep their healthful qualities.

Side Effects of Green Tea

There are no reported harmful side effects in drinking green tea or taking green tea extract capsules. Thus making green tea one ofrepparttar 149533 best supplements available.

Use of Green Tea

There are 2 ways of supplementing your diet with green tea:

- Drinking green tea: 2 to 3 cups daily.

- Green tea capsules or tablets: 2 capsules or tablets of green tea extract daily.

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A Brief Overview Of Crohn's Disease

Written by Kirsten Whittaker

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and syndromes determining if a patient is actually suffering with Crohn’s disease requires a thorough physical exam and a number of tests to be carried out. These can include blood tests to check for anemia and providing stool samples to check for blood which could indicate an infection or bleeding inrepparttar intestines. Further, more invasive tests can also be required, for example drinking a barium liquid and having a series of x-rays taken which will highlight any inflammation or abnormalities. A colonoscopy may be required to confirmrepparttar 149525 diagnosis as Crohn’s disease. In this case an endoscope is inserted intorepparttar 149526 anus and up intorepparttar 149527 large intestine to look for bleeding or inflammation. A small sample of tissue may be taken at this point for further analysis. Once Crohn’s disease has been confirmed further tests may be needed to determinerepparttar 149528 extent ofrepparttar 149529 inflammation.

There is no actual cure for Crohn’s disease, although some people, through proper management, can be free of symptoms for extended periods. The treatment for Crohn’s disease varies from person to person as it depends onrepparttar 149530 severity ofrepparttar 149531 disease andrepparttar 149532 area effected. Typically, all treatments aim to reducerepparttar 149533 inflammation, relieverepparttar 149534 pain, diarrhea and bleeding and ensure thatrepparttar 149535 sufferer hasrepparttar 149536 correct nutritional intake. There are three main ways of achieving these goals, medication, surgery or dietary changes.

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