Green Tea and Making Babies

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How can drinking green tea decrease fertility?

Tannic acids, an element found in green tea, have been shown to cause fertility problems and greater chances at miscarrying.

While not an "initial" fertility situation, rumor has it that EGCG,repparttar main disease-fighting antioxidant known as catechins in green tea that have been found to impederepparttar 141641 growth of tumors, might also effectrepparttar 141642 blood vessel growth of a developing embryo.

Another post-fertility issue related to an excessive intake of green tea involvesrepparttar 141643 increased rate of birth defects.

Past studies have concluded that coffee consumption increasesrepparttar 141644 risk of miscarriages and that caffeine intake enhancesrepparttar 141645 negative effects of alcohol intake on fertility. While not directly related to green tea, caffeine isrepparttar 141646 potential cause of such problems.

Should I or shouldn't I drink green tea for fertility issues?

The best advice that we can give you is something you've heard before. Check with your doctor first. Do your homework. Then and only then can you make a truly educated and well-informed decision about a very delicate issue. Whatever you decide, we wish yourepparttar 141647 best of luck in your quest for that new addition to your family. Cheers...

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Gourmet Goodies!

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