Greek Mythology Hercules - The Mortal who became God

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After this success, Eurystheus was planning to make something tougher for Hercules. He commandedrepparttar hero, Hercules, to force out an enormous flock of birds, which assembled at a lake nearrepparttar 138451 town of Stymphalos. Goddess Athena helped him with a pair of bronze krotala, an item similiar to castanets. The Cretan Bull was an easy task for Hercules. Hercules wrestledrepparttar 138452 bull, and then delivered it back to King Eurystheus. The eighth task was to bringrepparttar 138453 Man-Eating Horses of Diomedes. It was followed byrepparttar 138454 battle againstrepparttar 138455 Amazonian female army to getrepparttar 138456 belt of Hippolyte,repparttar 138457 queen. The tenth labor was an awesome one. Hercules had to go aroundrepparttar 138458 world, to bringrepparttar 138459 cattle ofrepparttar 138460 Monster Geryon. It had three heads and three sets of legs all attached atrepparttar 138461 waist.

The tricky assignment wasrepparttar 138462 eleventh one. Eurystheus asked Hercules to getrepparttar 138463 Apples ofrepparttar 138464 Hesperides. These wererepparttar 138465 golden apples gifted by Hera to Zeus. These apples were strictly guarded by a hundred-headed dragon, named Ladon, and also by Hesperides, daughters of Atlas. The other obstacle was that Hercules had no idea where these apples of Hesperides were located. Eventually, Hercules foundrepparttar 138466 location from Nereus whom he seized until Nereus gave himrepparttar 138467 location ofrepparttar 138468 apples of Hesperides.

Then Hercules found out thru Prometheus, whom Hercules had helped, that he would have to have Atlas retrieverepparttar 138469 apples. Hercules agreed to holdrepparttar 138470 sky andrepparttar 138471 earth while Atlas retrievedrepparttar 138472 apples. When Atlas returned withrepparttar 138473 apples, he told Hercules that if he would holdrepparttar 138474 sky and earth forrepparttar 138475 rest of time, that he would take them to Eurystheus himself. But Hercules fooled Atlas by asking him to holdrepparttar 138476 earth until he padded his shoulders. Atlas took Hercules place holdingrepparttar 138477 earth, and Hercules picked uprepparttar 138478 apples and ran.

After makingrepparttar 138479 great Hercules do all sorts of unbelievable errands, Eurystheus made sure that he did not succeedrepparttar 138480 last time. So, he ordered Hercules to abduct Cerberus,repparttar 138481 underworld beast. Did you ever hear a living man visitingrepparttar 138482 Hades? However, Greek mythology tells us Hercules was no ordinary man. He was a hero.

He eventually did complete allrepparttar 138483 tasks, purified his soul and rescuedrepparttar 138484 princess of Troy from a ravenous sea-monster. He also facilitated Zeus to beatrepparttar 138485 Giants in a great battle forrepparttar 138486 control of Olympus. He married again, torepparttar 138487 charming Deianira. She presented him a cloak, which was coated with what she mistakenly thought to be a magic love potion. She was told thatrepparttar 138488 balm would makerepparttar 138489 person love her forever.

Ironically, it was poison, which burned Hercules skin. Hercules, not being able to endurerepparttar 138490 pain, asked his friends to kindle a fire. Then Hercules placed himself onrepparttar 138491 fire to be burned up alive. Butrepparttar 138492 gods looked down, and Zeus thought that Hercules had suffered enough. So he asked Hera to end her anger toward Hercules, which she did. Then Hercules was brought to Olympus in Athena's chariot by Zeus' request.

This Greek mortal Hercules is undoubtedlyrepparttar 138493 greatest hero of Greek Mythology. Hercules is still considered to berepparttar 138494 perfect mythical character.

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Greek Mythology

Written by Randy Wilson

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Greek Mythology Heroes

On account of their divine origin,repparttar heroes or heroines of Greek mythology are believed to have ruled overrepparttar 138334 mortals for a comparatively long period. Some ofrepparttar 138335 heroes mentioned in greek mythology would be Hercules, Perseus and Prometheus.

Also known for their heroic deeds arerepparttar 138336 Argonauts. The Greek mythologies are interspersed with stories of royal crimes as well– they tell tales of heroes who committed heinous crimes underrepparttar 138337 strong spell of fate or destiny. The end ofrepparttar 138338 Heroic Age is marked byrepparttar 138339 Trojan Wars.

Information on Greek mythology

The primary source of information beingrepparttar 138340 poetry ofrepparttar 138341 Archaic and Classical eras, likerepparttar 138342 Homeric Odyssey, Iliad and Hymns. The dramatic works of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes,repparttar 138343 Hesiodic Theogony andrepparttar 138344 choral hymns of Pindar and Bacchylides also enrichrepparttar 138345 sources of Greek mythological information. These literary works were composed primarily for performance at cultic festivals or aristocratic banquets. Apart fromrepparttar 138346 literary works,repparttar 138347 works of historians, like Herodotus and Diodorus Siculus, and geographers, like Pausanias and Strabo each made significant contributions torepparttar 138348 mythology of Greece.

The work of mythographers,repparttar 138349 poetry ofrepparttar 138350 Hellenistic and Roman ages,repparttar 138351 Hellenistic poets Apollonius of Rhodes and Callimachus also contain important informations on Greek mythology. Evenrepparttar 138352 Roman poets Hyginus, Ovid, Statius, Valerius Flaccus and Virgil. The Late Antique Greek poets Nonnus and Quintus Smyrnaeus. Plusrepparttar 138353 novelists like Apuleius, Petronius, Lollianus and Heliodorus are known to have added torepparttar 138354 vast store of Greek mythological information.

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