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Written by Nilesh Gore

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3: Selecting Life-Partner.:- There is huge difference between a boyfriend and husband I repeat “There is huge difference between a boyfriend and husband “ Before marriage boys promisesrepparttar moon & stars but latter onrepparttar 127647 girl gets disappointment ,repparttar 127648 picture after marriage is notrepparttar 127649 rosy. Graphology (Handwriting analysis) can help in selectingrepparttar 127650 right partner as perrepparttar 127651 true picture of Boy / Girl.

4: Selecting Business Partner. :- What is your business partner is good starter and poor finisher ? What if he is a big deceiver? What if he can’t face pressure ? selecting Business partner is equally important as life partner. Graphology can help you to select right business partner who can take right decisions & actions at right time.

5: Employee Selection / Recruitments :- Graphology can help in selecting right peoples forrepparttar 127652 right job. E.g. if a company wants to recruit excellent team players or fast analyst, creative artist, etc. Graphology can help in identifying these individuals by / via their handwritten samples & this can easily benefitrepparttar 127653 individual & organization.

6: Criminology.:- Graphology can assist police department in solving crimes related torepparttar 127654 burglary thefts, suicides & even murders. Graphology can speed up investigation via writing & signature of a suspect & solve Cases.

7: Knowing Your Friends, Colleagues, relatives, etc. :- Knowrepparttar 127655 every aspect and hidden aspect of personality so that you will understand them much better with reasons and will improve relationships.

These arerepparttar 127656 things we can do with graphology (Handwriting Analysis). If you want to do handwriting analysis then pls email me for further information on

Nilesh Gore.

Name : NIlesh B Gore Profession : Graphologist(Hndwriting Analyst) & SW. Eng. Email : Web : Country : India, Ms Copyrights : © Nilesh B Gore. Author has written for the leading newspaper (Sakal) in India - Ms and his articles had been published in number of websites.

Subtle Energy for Healing; The Work of Dr. Yury Kronn

Written by Boyd Martin

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Many ofrepparttar practitioners reported stronger and more defined measurements when testing for possible remedies using kinesiology or electro-dermal screening devices. And in many cases,repparttar 127646 subtle energy formulas alone resolved cases outright. Redding, California, Naturopath Dr. Dan Davis reports, "I have a room with over 400 items I can use to help my patients' wellbeingness. Withrepparttar 127647 E-1, E-2 and E-3, literally half those products I don't need any more."

Despiterepparttar 127648 predictable results of subtle energy ("chi") use in medicine,repparttar 127649 modality is slow to gain acceptance inrepparttar 127650 medical community, just as Acupuncture, Qigong, Reiki or even homeopathy are dismissed. The simple fact is that subtle energy does not interact directly with physical matter, and so, measuring devices cannot measure it. And forrepparttar 127651 vast majority of medical scientists, ifrepparttar 127652 energy cannot be measured, it does not exist. "Scientists already know thatrepparttar 127653 particles of dark matter don’t interact withrepparttar 127654 electromagnetic field," Dr. Kronn says. "But our scientists have not yet maderepparttar 127655 next logical step towards understandingrepparttar 127656 universe’s function, and that is thatrepparttar 127657 Chi force field does not interact directly withrepparttar 127658 particles of our physical world. That is why scientific equipment cannot measure it. That is whyrepparttar 127659 majority of scientists don't believe inrepparttar 127660 existence of Chi."

To answer this conundrum of current modern science, Dr. Kronn cites several experiments to help confirm his subtle energy indirect-interaction hypothesis:

Changes inrepparttar 127661 infrared spectrum of water underrepparttar 127662 influence of receiving energy from a healing practitioner using a method called "laying on hands." (REF.) Strong changes inrepparttar 127663 pH of water and alcohol and inrepparttar 127664 solubility of dye underrepparttar 127665 influence of a healing practitioner's energy. (REF.) There is a significant change inrepparttar 127666 precipitation process of salts of different metals asrepparttar 127667 planets change their position in reference to each other. (REF.) In addition, to answerrepparttar 127668 famous "placebo effect" among humans--whererepparttar 127669 suggestion or expectation of an effect byrepparttar 127670 patient often causesrepparttar 127671 effect--Kentucky veterinarian, Dr. Gary Tran, has used subtle energy formulas on animals, from snakes to dogs, cats to birds, with great success very consistently. "With animals there is no placebo effect. I userepparttar 127672 E-1 a lot to sedate and tranquilize intractable animals so that we can work with them. It's especially good with cats. Cats are very difficult to work with, especially to medicate them. I use E-1. I give them about five drops, andrepparttar 127673 nasty ones I give 10 drops and they pretty much calm down and are easy to work with." Additionally, Dr. Kronn has demonstrated dramatic results on plants and seed germination.

The future potential of subtle energy science and its therapeutic uses are quickly being realized. "I believe that human potential is almost unlimited," declares Dr. Kronn. "Among other things, my group is working on energy patterns for stimulating 'paranormal abilities' in people. It is possible that these abilities could become normal for a vast number of people. I hope that it will be possible to fully realize our human potential and make great improvements inrepparttar 127674 quality of our lives in this stressful age."


Boyd is the webmaster of and the newsletter writer for that site. He enjoys a wide range of experience both in the ways of the internet, alternative health, environmental issues, and in freelance writing. An active, professional drummer, Boyd performs in the Portland area with several area blues and R&B bands. Boyd is also an avid, daily practicing Bikram Yoga student.

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