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Written by Richard Lowe

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You may indicate that a color in a GIF image is transparent, meaning whatever is belowrepparttar image will show through.

The GIF89a standard included animation, which basically allows multiple images to be included in a single GIF file. In that image you can specifyrepparttar 134676 timing thatrepparttar 134677 frames are shown and whether or notrepparttar 134678 animation stops or loops forever.

Interlacing is a cool feature which allows graphics to be "faded in". Initially a very low quality image is displayed, and bits are slowly added asrepparttar 134679 entire image is received. GIF supports this feature, which is useful for displaying very large images quickly.

An interesting albeit little known fact about GIF images is that they can include comments, which take up space and makerepparttar 134680 graphic larger. There are a number of products which will remove these comments. I found thatrepparttar 134681 freeware program called GIFclean is simple to use and works well.

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Written by Tim North

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5. Use less text per page. The web is primarily a visual medium. Screen after screen of text is dull and unlikely to be read. Try to limitrepparttar amount of text on any page to a few paragraphs by breaking long pages into several smaller pages.

6. Don't assume that other people will see what you see. There are many things that can make your web page look different to what you expected:

* Different browsers, even different versions ofrepparttar 134675 same browser, can display your pages quite differently.

* Some people use a screen that is 640 pixels wide; others have screens that are 800, 1,024 or 1,200 pixels wide. They may all see your site quite differently.

* Some computers may not display as many colours as yours.

* The fonts that you used may not be installed on other people's computers.

* Other people may have different browser settings to you.

* etc.

The moral of this story is twofold:

a. Don't waste your time trying to getrepparttar 134676 layout "just right" as it will probably look different on other people's machines anyway.

b. Test your pages as widely as possible. For example, look at them on different machines and browsers, changerepparttar 134677 browser's settings, use fewer colours, use different fonts, turn off images. Does your web site still look okay in all of these situations?

Remember, it's not enough to make a web site, you have to make a good one. With over two billion other web pages out there atrepparttar 134678 moment, you'll have to work hard to ensure that yours stands out fromrepparttar 134679 crowd. Good design and good content will help you do this. Good luck!

Tim North

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