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Onrepparttar other hand, JPEG images use an entirely different compression scheme. JPEG was invented in 1991 byrepparttar 134640 Joint Photographic Experts Group to display photographs and similar type images. JPEG hasrepparttar 134641 advantage of allowing 16 million colors. However, JPEG compresses by throwing away pixels.

For example, suppose you have a photograph that is 1024 pixels wide. JPEG compression might be specified to throw away 10% ofrepparttar 134642 pixels (every 10th one). Whenrepparttar 134643 image is decompressed those pixel values are extrapolated fromrepparttar 134644 colors ofrepparttar 134645 surrounding pixels. This implies that JPEG images tend to become "fuzzy" whenrepparttar 134646 optimization values are high.

As it turns out, JPEG is great for photographs and similar things because those types of images tend to have soft edges. In fact, for photographs and artrepparttar 134647 JPEG format is much preferred.

PNG is an up-and-coming, very new image format which is similar in concept to GIF. PNG images allow for 16 million colors and, unlike JPEG, does not lose colors. PNG compression is handle by most graphics editors, at least those that support PNG.

So how do you optimize your images? First, findrepparttar 134648 best format for your applications. PNG is very new and is probably not suitable for most web sites (browser support is sporadic so you may lock out some of your users). GIF is great for line drawings and other things with sharp edges and no more than 256 colors. JPEG is perfect for photographs, art, and similar images.

Second, be familiar withrepparttar 134649 optimization functions of your graphics programs. Save images usingrepparttar 134650 various settings and closely examinerepparttar 134651 differences. For example, how does that image look in 2 colors, 16 colors and 256 colors? Findrepparttar 134652 correct setting (the smallest possible file size withrepparttar 134653 least change inrepparttar 134654 image quality) and use it. Remember that this setting will be different for every single image.

What do you gain from all of this work? Faster loading times on your web site, which means your visitors are less likely to hitrepparttar 134655 back key even before your site begins to load.

Additional Information

Graphics Formats - Animated GIFs Use animated GIFs to create moving images on your web site. Just remember not to overdo it.

Graphics Formats - GIF The GIF format is an excellent format for many types of graphics.

Graphics Formats - JPG JPG is best for images with gradients, blends and inconsistent color variants. It is very efficient but parts ofrepparttar 134656 image are lost byrepparttar 134657 compression scheme.

Graphics Formats - PNG The PNG format is a newer, better format than GIF. It may soon berepparttar 134658 dominant format onrepparttar 134659 internet.

Products - GifClean32 GifClean32 allows you to remove comments from GIF images. It is a handy little utility to have around.

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Graphics for the web: JPG and PNG Files

Written by Richard Lowe

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PNG, like GIF, supports lossless compression. This means that unlike JPEG, bits ofrepparttar image are not lost or thrown away whenrepparttar 134639 image is decompressed. This compression scheme is public domain and improved overrepparttar 134640 algorithm used by GIF.

Images inrepparttar 134641 PNG format may be made partially transparent. This is necessary for displaying good looking graphics on a web page.

Finally, PNG supports color depth of 24 bits or greater. This makes it a much better format than GIF for images which must have lots of colors.

An important thing to remember aboutrepparttar 134642 PNG format is thatrepparttar 134643 color pallet is contained withinrepparttar 134644 image. Thus, it's important thatrepparttar 134645 pallet be made as small as possible, containing onlyrepparttar 134646 colors that are necessary to displayrepparttar 134647 image. Most graphics programs should handle this detail for you whenrepparttar 134648 file is saved.

Note that JPG is still superior for large images because it's compression scheme is better suited for that purpose.

In addition,repparttar 134649 PNG design does not include support for animation. Thus, GIFs must still be used for that purpose.

Most ofrepparttar 134650 modern graphics editors support output inrepparttar 134651 PNG format. These editors include Paint Shop Pro, which is my personal favorite.

Personally, I think it's a little early to go and replace all of your graphics with PNG graphics. Support withinrepparttar 134652 different browsers is still very new, and you would be depriving many of your visitors of your graphics by including PNG images. However, in a few years I expect to see this format more and more.

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