Grandparents --- Homeschool Your Grandchildren And Feel Younger

Written by Joel Turtel

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Even better, then offer to help watchrepparttar grandkids and homeschool them if your grown children and their spouses work. Who better to help your children and adorable grandchildren than you? Doing so could make your retirement yearsrepparttar 145879 happiest years of your life.

You have so much wisdom and knowledge that you have accumulated overrepparttar 145880 years. You have so much love you still have to give. How your children would appreciate your love and help with your grandchildren! If you helped homeschool your grandchildren, what a wonderful gift that would be for your children, your grandkids, and most of all, yourself. Think about it.

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Finding Community in Distance Education

Written by Jim Norrena

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An IWUOnline administration representative recently describedrepparttar essential traits that a new-to-online learning student should possess as including “discipline, determination and endurance, though not necessarily in that order.”

Such traits allow students to balance themselves, embracingrepparttar 145779 freedom distance learning provides while avoiding falling behind. The discipline ensures projects are completed;repparttar 145780 determination lets adults juggle their professional responsibilities with their academic ones while remaining focused on their goals and not giving up; andrepparttar 145781 endurance providesrepparttar 145782 ability to successfully meetrepparttar 145783 demanding coursework, even when life doesn’t yield torepparttar 145784 added pressure.

Even students who possess allrepparttar 145785 discipline, determination, and endurance inrepparttar 145786 world could be at risk of failing if they had to face their challenges alone. Students do not learn in an isolated bubble; they learn by surrounding themselves with others, they learn from their peers, their professors, from like-minded individuals and from their polar opposites.

In short, students learn best when they are part of a community, and that’s exactly what IWUOnline offers ─ a tightly knit community that overcomes geographical distances to forge spiritual and academic bonds.

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