Grandiosity Bubbles

Written by Sam Vaknin

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Allrepparttar mechanisms of pathological narcissism are at work duringrepparttar 126095 bubble phase. The narcissist idealizesrepparttar 126096 situation,repparttar 126097 other "actors", andrepparttar 126098 environment. He tries to control and manipulate his milieu into buttressing his false notions and perceptions. Faced with an inevitable Grandiosity Gap, he becomes disillusioned and bitter and devalues and discardsrepparttar 126099 people, places, and circumstances involved inrepparttar 126100 bubble.

Still, Grandiosity Bubbles are not part ofrepparttar 126101 normal narcissistic mini-cycle (seerepparttar 126102 resources inrepparttar 126103 section titled "Also Read" below). They are rare events, much like trying on a new outfit for size and comfort. They fizzle out rapidly andrepparttar 126104 narcissist reverts to his regular pattern: idealizing new Sources of Supply, devaluing and discarding them, pursuingrepparttar 126105 next victims to be drained.

Actually,repparttar 126106 deflation of a grandiosity bubble is met with relief byrepparttar 126107 narcissist. It does not involve a narcissistic injury. The narcissist viewsrepparttar 126108 bubble as merely an experiment at being someone else for a while. It is a safety valve, allowingrepparttar 126109 narcissist to effectively cope with negative emotions and frustration. Thus cleansed,repparttar 126110 narcissist can go back to doing what he does best projecting a False Self and garnering attention from others.

Sam Vaknin ( ) is the author of Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited and After the Rain - How the West Lost the East. He served as a columnist for Central Europe Review, PopMatters, and eBookWeb , and Bellaonline, and as a United Press International (UPI) Senior Business Correspondent. He is the the editor of mental health and Central East Europe categories in The Open Directory and Suite101.

What does true Love mean to you?

Written by Ulla Sebastian

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The ability for an intimate relationship and an open and fair dispute formsrepparttar core for a co-operation within larger circles of people. The perspective onrepparttar 126094 social level expands fromrepparttar 126095 cell ofrepparttar 126096 pair relationship or family torepparttar 126097 social orders, which furthersrepparttar 126098 social well-being of all.

Through your abilities, your engagement or your love, you strengthen your neighbourhood, your job or organization, which you have joined. You work together on goals, which serverepparttar 126099 preservation of life andrepparttar 126100 common whole.

If true love means to you, thatrepparttar 126101 other should mother and protect you, you will on this level look for a community that might fulfil your needs. This even more so if a couple relationships has not satisfied you. The community becomes a mother substitute.

Instead of synergy you experiencerepparttar 126102 fight around attention, lack of respect for other community members, hidden power struggles, andrepparttar 126103 defence of privileges

When you reachrepparttar 126104 level of ethics or principles will you be able to differentiaterepparttar 126105 different levels with their options and challenges. This level enables you to distance yourself from yourself.

In practice this means, that you can observe, like a neutral observer how you have handledrepparttar 126106 options and challenges of love onrepparttar 126107 different levels of development, and what kind of thought forms and behaviour may even today hinder you to give and receive true love. As you are not completely identified with your own thoughts and responses anymore, you can choose how you may best overcomerepparttar 126108 obstacles.

If your partner for instance would like more room for himself, you will not simply react with fears of loss and trying to holdrepparttar 126109 partner, but you observerepparttar 126110 responses in you and you use your competence to develop another way of dealing with such situations. Withrepparttar 126111 consciousness ofrepparttar 126112 fifth level, you attainrepparttar 126113 freedom to direct your thoughts and behaviour in such a way that it leads to your chosen goals.

If you integrate all that you have learned on allrepparttar 126114 levels, you become an embodiment of true love that spreads to all people. This feeling of universal love isrepparttar 126115 all-encompassing feeling of compassion that Buddha spoke about. It isrepparttar 126116 wish to easerepparttar 126117 suffering of people helping them to understandrepparttar 126118 transitory nature of this world

Each level has its own qualities and challenges, and it will take time to come to terms with them.

For a more comprehensive description and a hands-on manual on how to move towards true love, check out her Ebook: Beyond Suffering.

Dr. Ulla Sebastian is a well-known author, trainer and psychotherapist. Her work spans a wide range of themes for professional, personal and spiritual growth and is the result of forty years of research and work with thousands of people from all over the world. For a more comprehensive description and a hands-on manual on how to move towards true love, go to

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