Graduated Driver Licensing

Written by Melih Oztalay

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Notifying other drivers will give themrepparttar ability to consider choices when approaching a vehicle operated by a teen driver. We can increase traffic safety and awareness. Car magnets have become a viable possibility asrepparttar 102713 notification tool. Easy to put on and easy to take off! No hassles or concerns about permanent bumper stickers that may not come off.

Auto Safety Magnets has a focus strictly on car safety for teen drivers, their parents and driving schools. Help keeprepparttar 102714 roads safe.

More information onrepparttar 102715 GDL subject can be found atrepparttar 102716 Center for Disease Control and this web page:

Melih Oztalay, CEO Auto Safety Magnets

Melih Oztalay, CEO Auto Safety Magnets

Stop Wasting Money When You Fill Your Car Up With Gas – Part 1

Written by Tim Gorman

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Here’s a good money saving tip for you scientific types out there in driving land. Gasoline becomes denser in colder temperatures. Gas pumps are set to measurerepparttar volume ofrepparttar 102712 fuel that you pump and notrepparttar 102713 density. This means that if you fill up your gas tank inrepparttar 102714 cooler morning temperatures, or inrepparttar 102715 colder evening hours, that you’ll be getting better gas price economy.

In some cases you can searchrepparttar 102716 Internet forrepparttar 102717 lowest gas prices. This can be very helpful if you’re planning a trip that requires a long drive. Userepparttar 102718 Internet to findrepparttar 102719 lowest costing gas alongrepparttar 102720 route you will be taking to get to your destination.

These were just a few quick tips and ideas to help you save a little more of your hard earned paycheck every time you fill your car up with gasoline. Look for part 2 of this article with even more money saving gasoline tips.

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Timothy Gorman is a successful webmaster

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