Gracious Gratitude

Written by Bob Bassett

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A thank you gift basket is also a great option for people that have helped you out when one of life's little disasters has struck. Next time someone stops and helps you change a flat tire inrepparttar rain, returns your missing dog, or helps you get into your house when you have locked your keys inside, get their address and send them a gift basket.

Thank you gift baskets start at around $35 and can be as much as $150. It's easy to choose a size appropriate torepparttar 141563 occasion. Also, most online retailers can deliver to almost any location, so it's easy to send a thank you gift basket torepparttar 141564 mechanic that fixed your car when it broke down on your out of town vacation.

A little thank you gift basket can go a long way toward building new friendships and strengthening old ones. It's a great feeling to be able to help someone out, and it's also nice to know that help was noticed and appreciated. A thank you gift basket is a great way to acknowledge someone else's gift to you.

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Childhood Obesity - 6 Steps to Raising Healthy Kids

Written by Mila Sidman

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3. Don’t super size your kids. Be careful to serve kid appropriate food portions. Remember, if they’re not fully satisfied they can simply go back for seconds. Also, teach them to eat slowly and take breaks between mouthfuls to allowrepparttar brain to register when it’s full.

4. Try to avoid branding any foods as “bad for you”. Instead focus on teaching your kids everything can be enjoyed in moderation. This takesrepparttar 141547 pressure off them and gets rid ofrepparttar 141548 diet mentality which can set them up for a life of yo-yo dieting.

5. Be more active! Simply stated, kids need more activity in their lives. The same goes for all of us, if we eat more calories than we’re using up we will gain weight. It’s as simple as that. So get out there and make it fun. Try not to userepparttar 141549 word “exercise”. You want this to be a lifestyle habit not something that has to be done.

6. Be a positive role model. Rather than focusing on changes for your child only, change as a family. Have a family meeting and talk about healthy eating and good nutrition. Explain allrepparttar 141550 benefits of an active lifestyle and let your kids suggest some simple activities you can do together. Start slowly and build up. If you set a good example your kids will eventually follow. It may not be easy at first, but persist. The benefits will far outweighrepparttar 141551 tantrums and tears you may need to put up when you first change your lifestyle…. Your kids will thank you for it inrepparttar 141552 long run.

Mila Sidman is a mom of three and the creator of A leading website providing simple, kid-friendly recipes, nutritional information, meal planning tips, fun kid cooking projects and much more.

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