Government schools vs. parents' rules

Written by Kurt St. Angelo

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In a voucher system, schools would compete for not only tax dollars, but also forrepparttar best teachers. No longer couldrepparttar 113450 state require schools to hire only teachers withrepparttar 113451 same teaching credentials. Doctors, lawyers and practicing scientists could finally teach withoutrepparttar 113452 stamp of approval by some lesser-educated bureaucrat.

With vouchers, each school would be its own self-governing entity, and every student would be given an equal civil right to an equally gratifying education, regardless of his or her background, financial status or neighborhood. Inherent in a voucher system arerepparttar 113453 principles of efficiency, equality and freedom of choice.

Not surprisingly, Sweden provides universal voucher education for its students. Swedish parents may send their children to any school – government or independent – without paying fees. In only a few years, this policy has inspired an enormous growth in innovative independent schools and encouraged improvements to municipal schools.

Here in America, despite its reputation asrepparttar 113454 champion of equality,repparttar 113455 Democratic Party is one of voucher education’s fiercest opponent. This is because vouchers threaten teacher unions, who putrepparttar 113456 job security, pay and other special interests of their members ahead ofrepparttar 113457 best interests of our children and communities.

Vouchers offer choice, competition and entrepreneurship in education, which are three things missing in our present Soviet delivery system. Vouchers are likelyrepparttar 113458 only way to not only improve public education, but to save it from its decaying old self.

Attorney, screenwriter and Libertarian Party activist in Indianapolis

It's Time for Government Reform

Written by Shirley deLong

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Taxpayers’ monies, to do what you ‘so-called’ managers, supervisors, and workers, were hired to do inrepparttar first place makes me know there’s a problem with your arithmetic! With loss of jobs, plant closings, wages, insurance, etc. being cut, we feel all government and elected people should be getting less in their paychecks, also. It's time to eliminate all Property Taxes. It’s obvious you people cannot handlerepparttar 113449 jobs we entrusted you with. As forrepparttar 113450 money going into pockets of “Pet Projects”, this must be stopped! Look at Project Homestead,repparttar 113451 apartments managed by a commissioner, and many more like that all in just Guilford County, NC - think aboutrepparttar 113452 rest ofrepparttar 113453 world! While I am on a roll, do elected people, politicians, city, county and state employees pay their ‘fair’ share of taxes? It’s time for all Watchdog groups to start checking on allrepparttar 113454 people who are spending Taxpayers’ monies! Shirley deLong Jamestown, NC 336-454-5040

Artist, Activist, and Environmentalist. Several articles published.

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