Government is discriminating against Taxpayers

Written by Shirley deLong

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All these countries coming at America from all directions, asking for Taxpayers monies should stop. These people are set on destroying America. Then what will they do to help America? Asrepparttar old song goes "absolutely nothing, say it again!" If you don’t believe what I'm saying, look at allrepparttar 147872 illegitimates, having more and more illegitimates in America and Africa. It's time for someone to speak out! You've created your problems, it's time you solve them and notrepparttar 147873 hard working American Taxpayer! IT’S PAST TIME TO SUPPORT YOURSELVES AND YOUR OWN COUNTRY. THERE AIN’T NO MORE MONEY! YOU'VE BROKEN THE BANKS!

Artist, Activist, Environmentalist. Author of several published articles.

OM to Ogham

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Uncial and Insular are languages that were developed in Irish language centers for writingrepparttar Scriptures (Uncial) and what later became English (Insular). Ogham was around a long time before these more sophisticated alphabets as any person with no grasp of linguistics can easily see and yet Britannica and others maintainrepparttar 147798 cover up to this day. Here is a little confirmation that St. Patrick was part of a major effort to bring certain people intorepparttar 147799 fold and develop schools to teach whatrepparttar 147800 Druids like Columcille (later St. Columba) had learned at real centers of learning likerepparttar 147801 Isle of Druids or Iona. This is taken fromrepparttar 147802 Annals of Ulster. This is a record of just one source in just one year (439). Bishops gathering in one place like this is not common as I understand it but I may be wrong.

“Secundinus, Auxilius and Isserninus, themselves also bishops, are sent to Ireland to assist Patrick.” And there is also an entry that has Patrick being confirmed as a bishop a couple of years later. So he clearly was notrepparttar 147803 top person or grand Pooh-Bah ofrepparttar 147804 hegemony that was there inrepparttar 147805 first place. Rome was always looking to get more local ‘fronts’ for their deals so thatrepparttar 147806 average person would not clue in to what was really going on. Here is that entry from year 441. “Bishop Patrick was approved inrepparttar 147807 Catholic faith.” Of course I could be cute and suggest he had not even been Catholic before this but I frankly don’t think that would be unusual either. Augustine is a study in greed and need for power too.

Inrepparttar 147808 apologetic words ofrepparttar 147809 current Pope whose heritage includesrepparttar 147810 'Holy' (?) Emperors of this heinous group of 'churchians' he asks for 'forgiveness and renewal' as he admits to dastardly deeds ofrepparttar 147811 Crusades, Flagellants, and Inquisitors. But is there a day care center inrepparttar 147812 Vatican? How about a female priest or God forbid, a Bishop? Most of humanity doesn't even know what a Druid or 'proto-Celt' is or was. There is an old saying 'if you want to know what a Druid knows, ask a wild bee.' The bee was important torepparttar 147813 Phocaeans, Napoleon and nowrepparttar 147814 Mormons. Symbols (likerepparttar 147815 bee) communicate, letters are symbols, language or communication is more thanrepparttar 147816 intellectual sum of its letters or words. The heart and soul makerepparttar 147817 beauty of true wisdom comprehensible to far greater depths thanrepparttar 147818 intellect can imagine.

How did we sink so low as to barterrepparttar 147819 lives of our mothers and 'sisters'?

Why have those who arranged these horrors tried to blamerepparttar 147820 Jews (and in an indirect manner, all 'sinners') forrepparttar 147821 death of Jesus? He did not claim to be a co-equal member ofrepparttar 147822 Holy Trinity. It wasn'trepparttar 147823 Jews who 'killed our Saviour'. John Ralston Saul says this aboutrepparttar 147824 whole matter

"HOLY TRINITY-CHRISTIAN A pre-alchemist alchemist concept developed by early Christian administrators to softenrepparttar 147825 hard-edged simplicity of straight monotheism.

The three-in-one/one-in-three mystery ofrepparttar 147826 Father, Son and Holy Ghost {Thatrepparttar 147827 beatniks called 'Laddio, Daddio and Spook'.} made tritheism official. The subsequent almost-deification ofrepparttar 147828 Virgin Mary made it quatrotheism {And raised un-natural 'virginity' or possible non-sense such as immaculate conceptions, which fathers must have loved and priests certainly benefit from, to heights of increasing obscenity!}. Twelve Disciples as semi-deities then made it sextusdecitheism. Finally, cart-loads of saints raised to quarter-deification turned Christianity into plain, old-fashioned polytheism. Byrepparttar 147829 time ofrepparttar 147830 Crusades, it wasrepparttar 147831 most polytheistic religion ever to have existed, withrepparttar 147832 possible exception of Hinduism. This untenable contradiction betweenrepparttar 147833 assertion of monotheism andrepparttar 147834 reality of polytheism was dealt with {And this isrepparttar 147835 MOST important observation of a technique known in psychology as 'projection of a pluperfect paranoid' orrepparttar 147836 'BIG LIE' of alphabet soup agencies and 'black ops';repparttar 147837 less organized criminals likerepparttar 147838 Mafia call it a 'frame-up'.} by accusing other religions ofrepparttar 147839 Christian fault. The Church - Catholic and later Protestant - turned aggressively onrepparttar 147840 two most clearly monotheistic religions in view {Also they began at least 700 years of war, A CRUSADE! againstrepparttar 147841 remnants ofrepparttar 147842 Kelts in Ireland.) - Judaism and Islam - and persecuted them as heathen or pagan. ..These pagans must therefore be converted, conquered {ego 'Manifest Destiny'} and/or killed for their own good in order that they may benefit fromrepparttar 147843 singularity ofrepparttar 147844 Holy Trinity, plus appendages.

HOLY TRINITY - POST CHRISTIAN So far Nietzsche has been wrong about GOD. We have not managed to become Him in His place. Instead we have replaced God with a yet more abstract divinity based upon pure rational power... Organization or structure replacedrepparttar 147845 Father, TECHNOLOGY displacedrepparttar 147846 Son andrepparttar 147847 Holy Ghost gave way to information. The new priesthood was made up of technocrats. Asrepparttar 147848 etymology ofrepparttar 147849 word 'technocrat' indicates, fromrepparttar 147850 beginning they were to be specialists in power... And they would stand guard over information." (3)

The fears and apathy of average people are as much to blame for this history of managed and 'guarded information' that recordsrepparttar 147851 acts of bad people. ‘We are all our brother’s keepers’ is not just an idle platitude. The Druidic concept called IESA or 'The Brotherhood of Man' apprehendedrepparttar 147852 Cosmic Thought Field of Faraday and Tesla orrepparttar 147853 'Cosmic Soup' of Deepak Chopra. NASA scientists have just announced that Life is Everywhere including microbes in outer space. They talk about cell membrane formation that makes we wonder if these are conscious connected 'info packets'(Tesla) or 'templates' (Teilhard de Chardin) from which energy can create in a manner more akin to ancient creationist theories ofrepparttar 147854 supposed pagans.

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