Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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When people give uprepparttar responsibility forrepparttar 113482 proper management ofrepparttar 113483 world or their own lives, I believerepparttar 113484 whole world suffers. This lesson that history has taught me must be considered as we re-create a new world. We should not allow other individuals to make decisions for all of society either. We need a similar educational program for parenting. We must stoprepparttar 113485 Cycle of Violence which has infected all layers of society. I personally think any person who usesrepparttar 113486 color of authority for personal needs is akin to a father who has sex with his child.”

This is part of a book. It addresses the need for an educated empowered electorate to replace the bureaucats who schlepp for Oligarchy.

Wealthy Countries Richer… but Sending Less in Aid

Written by Gary R. Hess

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The report also shows that Italy andrepparttar United States arerepparttar 113481 worst in giving aid to poor nations. The Italians spend approximately 90% of its aid on Italian goods and services whilerepparttar 113482 United States spends around 70% on its own companies.

The report also shows that not only isrepparttar 113483 aid important, but also their influence onrepparttar 113484 World Bank and International Monetary Fund. If countries likerepparttar 113485 United States wished to do so, they could cancel their debt that is causing so many problems in places like Africa.

The debt in fact, makes these countries pay three dollars for every two dollars they received in aid. This causes many indebted countries to spend more onrepparttar 113486 debt services than it does on its own health services for its people, which is especially hard on countries in Africa which have been stricken with wide spread HIV/AIDS.

The latest report by Oxam showed that spending $30 billion would cancelrepparttar 113487 debt of 32 ofrepparttar 113488 poorest countries; this would only cost $2.10 per person each year inrepparttar 113489 wealthiest countries.

Oxfam states that ifrepparttar 113490 current trends continue nearly 247 million more people in sub-Saharan Africa will live in poverty; 34 million more will suffer from hunger; and 45 million children will die.

"Unless world leaders act now to deliver a historic breakthrough on poverty," said Jeremy Hobbs, Oxfam's executive director, "next year will end in shameful failure."

Gary is a blogger for The Peoples Politics

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