Got substance...with your child?

Written by Lesley Spencer

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• Ice Cream Fun – Make your own or go out for ice cream and enjoy discussing events and people in your kid’s lives. Ask about their day. What was fun or what was hard about their day. • Girl’s Manicure or Pedicure Fun – Most girls enjoy pampering so mom and daughters get out some nail polish and have some fun or head to a salon and get pampered. • Boys and Balls. Get outrepparttar football, baseball or basketball and use this time to engage your son and enter into his world throughrepparttar 142178 love of sports (or whatever hobby he or she may have). • Mission Trips – My 10-year-old daughter and I participated in a mission trip to Mexico this year. It was a great bonding experience and a great way to more fully appreciaterepparttar 142179 many blessings in our lives. (You can learn about available mission trips by searchingrepparttar 142180 Internet.) • Family Camp – Probablyrepparttar 142181 most powerful bonding experience I have had with my kids is family camp. This is our fourth year to go to family camp and it isrepparttar 142182 most anticipated and enjoyed event ofrepparttar 142183 year for my kids. The camp we go to well balanced with focused time with God and Bible lessons, family time, couple or individual time and group fellowship time. There is no shortage of fun, adventure and relaxation. I can think of no better experience for families than to spend a week growing spiritually and bonding as a family.

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Does your child need a bedtime routine? - Yes!

Written by Susanne Myers

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Another good tip is to give her choices inrepparttar routine. It is usually best to limit those choices to 2 or 3. Ask her if she would like to take a bath or a shower, if she wants Mom or Dad to tuck her in, if she wants you to read “Goodnight Moon” or “The hungry little caterpillar”. Let her pickrepparttar 142150 red or yellow pj’s. Only give her options that you can live with. That way you both win. She feels like she is having some control over her life and you get her to do what needs done.

Above all stay calm and patient. Getting to sleep is a hard task to master for a child. She needs your help to establish healthy sleeping patters. If she keeps getting up forrepparttar 142151 next few nights, put her gently but firmly back to bed and tell her that it is time to sleep. Offer to come back and check on her in a few minutes and follow through. It will make her feel more secure and chances are she’ll be sound asleep byrepparttar 142152 time you walk back in there.

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