Got Licorice?

Written by Jolie Kretchman Loeb

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Germany serves up pinwheels of fun – wound up skinny spirals – whirly, twirly Haribo Licorice Wheels. Something you’d stumble upon in Willy Wonka’s home.

And for some Finland fanfare, sample La Pipette, Finnish licorice pipes available in both red and black varieties.

Licorice arrives fresh and individually packaged, perfect for gift giving when you want to stray from traditional chocolates. Good ol’ American varieties include your rainbow arrayed Licorice Bridge Mix, Black Licorice Scotties, or double trouble, Licorice Candy Coated Chocolate. But for a true tongue tango, trip your taste buds fantastic with Holland Double Salt Licorice. Fair warning, it packs a punch.

There’s a lot of love for licorice out there, and a seemingly infinite smorgasbord to be enjoyed. Exploring The Licorice Exchange is visual eye candy – shop byrepparttar flavor,repparttar 150533 color,repparttar 150534 country – explore candy that caters torepparttar 150535 grown up sweet tooth sophisticate. The website is impeccably created and their customer service, elite. Visit forrepparttar 150536 love of licorice. Stay for dessert.


My Waffle Iron

Written by Paul Rinehart

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Next, beatrepparttar yolks and sugar untilrepparttar 150512 mix turns a pale-yellow or off-white. Add your buttermilk and vanilla and mix.

While stirring, gradually addrepparttar 150513 remaining dry ingredients, it helps if you mixrepparttar 150514 remaining dry ingredients separately first in a measuring cup. Make sure not to over mix it or you will exciterepparttar 150515 gluten inrepparttar 150516 flour and over-excited gluten makes for a very chewy waffle. Remember: Think golden, crisp onrepparttar 150517 outside and fluffy or light onrepparttar 150518 inside.

Get your whipped egg whites and add them torepparttar 150519 rest of your mixture. Gently incorporate them and don’t over mix, or you will loserepparttar 150520 bubbles. While stirring, addrepparttar 150521 butter.

I have a Krups Wafflechef, it signals you when its heated and ready to go. Baking waffles in this iron only takes about 4 minutes. Don’t go for a cheap, no-name iron, I highly recommendrepparttar 150522 Wafflechef. Pre-heatrepparttar 150523 waffle iron. Add about 2 oz. of batter on each square, making sure you don’t put more thanrepparttar 150524 iron can handle. If you do over-do it onrepparttar 150525 batter you will make a mess.

Waffles are great for breakfast or even for dessert. They are great topped with maple syrup or whipped cream and fruit; even ice cream makes a fantastic topping! Happy waffle making!

Paul Rinehart is a classically trained chef who currently works as a web developer. He is alsorepparttar 150526 founder of Online Cooking, a place where he can work on two interests atrepparttar 150527 same time, computres and food.

Paul Rinehart is the founder of Online Cooking

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