Got "Have-Tos"?

Written by Kathy Gates

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We all have "havetos" that aren't particularly thrilling in our life.doingrepparttar breakfast dishes, running errands, paying bills, maybe mowingrepparttar 101915 lawn, and especially that once a year tax aggravation.

But what if, instead, we look atrepparttar 101916 bigger picture, instead of justrepparttar 101917 "have to" itself. For example, "I have to dorepparttar 101918 breakfast dishes." Yes, I have to, IF I want a clean sink, and IF I want clean dishes to eat off of again. I consider this my contribution to a happy household. I consider it a role or responsibility that I negotiated, and that I accept as part of obtaining my ultimate goal.having a happy, comfortable family life.

I also "have-to" market my business.definitely notrepparttar 101919 most fun I ever had. But if I wantrepparttar 101920 business, if I wantrepparttar 101921 customers, if I want to make my living this way, then I "have-to" dorepparttar 101922 marketing. But again I have options: 1. I can let go ofrepparttar 101923 business. 2. I can hire someone to help me. 3. I can delegaterepparttar 101924 job to another person inrepparttar 101925 business.

A friend recently said to me "I can't go torepparttar 101926 movies with you, I have to payrepparttar 101927 rent." Does she really "have-to" payrepparttar 101928 rent? No. She too has options: 1. She could move to a cheaper place so that she has extra money. 2. She could get a better job. 3. She could mooch off her friends. The point is that she is making choices about how she spends her money, and about how that money gives herrepparttar 101929 most pleasure. It's not that she "can't" go torepparttar 101930's thatrepparttar 101931 higher goal (living inrepparttar 101932 house she wants) gives her more pleasure thanrepparttar 101933 movies.

"Have-tos" are a part of life. Instead of looking at them as drudgery, or work, or struggle, remember to considerrepparttar 101934 bigger picture.

Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach, helps people set priorities and goals, take actions, make changes, and reshape their lives. She is the author numerous articles both online and in print, an Ebook and several Email Coaching Programs available at, call 480.998.5843


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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In all, there is no bad stage to life. Each and every segment of our being has potential and possibility. As children we dream, as adults we do, and as seniors we remember and instruct. Each life cycle is wonderful in its own right and we need each and every one of them to have a world that is bright and as close to miraculous as we can get. We are never out forrepparttar count unless we choose to be. There is no bypassingrepparttar 101914 system, sorepparttar 101915 only beneficial way is to keep looking ahead, enjoying whatever stage were in, and also relishing whatrepparttar 101916 other age-groups have to offer. There is delight in young and old eyes alike, andrepparttar 101917 tales are endless. A young child invents stories, adults seek out facts, and older people weave life into bite-size pieces. Our hands can age but our hearts stay in tune with our souls. We are what we want to be but then even that can change if we desire it. Whether its a child, an adult, or a senior citizen, there is life at its best! For conveniencerepparttar 101918 calendar tell us where we are in life. But life is not a page in a diary book, it is a living, breathing, beautiful experience that can light uprepparttar 101919 universe and outshinerepparttar 101920 stars. We are life - so ENJOY! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 June

Arleen Kaptur has written numerous articles, motivational booklets, cookbooks, and the novel: SEARCHING FOR AUSTIN JAMES Websites:

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