Googles back door...get your website indexed quicker!

Written by Terry Till

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This of course allows all “savvy marketers” a great opportunity to index their web pages withrepparttar full permission of Google and therefore get an immediate presence and earning potential far quicker than was ever previously possible.

Of course processing an xml file of your website and its pages may have presented a problem for most marketers, however even this problem has now been overcome withrepparttar 144796 latest software offerings.

So if you’re looking to get your web pages indexed I would suggest you take a look at this new technology and keep one step ahead of your competition.

How to Use Directories for Web Site Promotion

Written by Rich Brunelle

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The end result we seek is positive and beneficial linkage resource forrepparttar major search engines to find relative to our Users web sites. Presently we are unsure how either of these databases will perform once laden with large amounts of data. We look forward to testing both performance and promotional results.

How is this information useful to you in regards to your web site promotion? It isn't really. But now you understand a little more about Directories. The best advice I have to offer regarding use of Directories for web site promotion is simple. If someone visits any of our database sites six months from now and searches for your product or service and your web site is not there . . . Directories are likerepparttar 143772 Phone Book. If you could afford to list your business in every phone book yellow pages throughout your state, would you? Your competition has. The same rule applies. Submit your data to as many Directories as possible. A good test for determination of whether you should submit your data to a specific Directory is right onrepparttar 143773 form you fill out orrepparttar 143774 front page of their site: "Isrepparttar 143775 submitted data categorized?" Trust me, it matters a lot to search engines and relevant linkage. Adding your data to a jumbled list will have an adverse effect on your search engine rankings. Categorization performs relevance. Search Engines like relevance.

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