Google Wants a Place on Your Desktop

Written by John Calder

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Perhaps an even more curious omission is that this software can't index PDF documents. Google can do this online, and it's not like PDF documents are rare. Maybe they're saving it for a future release.

For now, if you're still ridingrepparttar Microsoft train allrepparttar 133418 way on your PC, and plan to stay that way, Google Desktop Search is probably worth checking out, as it probably closely mirrors Microsoft's planned capabilities. Otherwise, you may want to hold off to see how this tool evolves.

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Controls - The Building Blocks to Automation

Written by Thomas Yoon

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Machines are made to replace humans in most control systems today.

The basic feature of any control system consists of 4 elements. These arerepparttar measuring element,repparttar 133417 controlling element,repparttar 133418 set value, andrepparttar 133419 correcting element.

The measuring element provides a means of detection/measurement ofrepparttar 133420 conditions required. This isrepparttar 133421 "eyes" or "ears" (or other senses) ofrepparttar 133422 system.

The controlling element isrepparttar 133423 place where allrepparttar 133424 decisions on what actions to take are being made. It can be consideredrepparttar 133425 "brains" ofrepparttar 133426 system. It must make decisions based on certain guidelines or values required. The set values are inputted into repparttar 133427 system by humans.

The correcting element is whererepparttar 133428 correction torepparttar 133429 process is done. It can be considered likerepparttar 133430 "hands" or "feet" ofrepparttar 133431 system. It must take certain physical actions to bringrepparttar 133432 processes back torepparttar 133433 set value.

Well folks, be in control!

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