Google Tops Fifty Billion Market Cap With Innovation

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Yahoo! Search has introduced a Google clone search page but who will see it? If you visitrepparttar Yahoo home page, you'll see a couple of hundred links to all their services such as Yahoo Jobs, Yahoo Dating, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Movies Yahoo Stores, Yahoo News, Yahoo Web Hosting, "More Yahoo" and "Even MORE Yahoo" links nearrepparttar 127855 bottom ofrepparttar 127856 home page, blah blah blah, etc. But they've put up an elegant Google clone for their search page at That nobody will ever see unless it is bookmarked or typed directly intorepparttar 127857 browser address bar!

Yes, you can search fromrepparttar 127858 Yahoo home page and that isrepparttar 127859 most prominent of allrepparttar 127860 Yahoo's glut of stuff, but I'll bet they posted this spare little copy of Google's home page to appease those who don't want to wade throughrepparttar 127861 rest ofrepparttar 127862 mess to get to search. This placement means that only those of us that purposely AVOID their home page and jump right to search by typing intorepparttar 127863 address bar will find that page.

That'srepparttar 127864 equivalent of MSN of course where you must type in to see THEIR spare search page. But MSN has at least kept some elements of branding inrepparttar 127865 design of that page, while Yahoo has made their page LOOK likerepparttar 127866 Google home page with a Yahoo logo. I can't wait to see how they'll integrate Yahoo Desktop Search intorepparttar 127867 browser ...repparttar 127868 same way Google did.

Yahoo entersrepparttar 127869 Desktop Search race how? Buying a company! According to Mike Grehan in a Pandia Search News article "Yahoo! may also be joining inrepparttar 127870 race for Total Search. They recently acquiredrepparttar 127871 e-mail software company Stata Labs which sells an e-mail application called Bloomba that lets people search message text and attachments."

Todayrepparttar 127872 market has confirmed what searchers already know, that Google now tops Yahoo in financial relevance as well as in search relevance. Google leads and Yahoo follows. Google develops new technology while Yahoo buys it.

Google envisions & innovates but with Yahoo it's more like "Yahoo see, Yahoo do" done by buying another company.

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"Keywords and Content - A Mature Site"

Written by Karl Augustine

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Once you are bringing in a consistent steady stream of targeted traffic in to your site from search engines, it is relatively easy to add links and new content that will bring new sales. It is sort of like having a big list. Don't get me wrong,repparttar traffic will help you build your list...what I am referring to is having a foundation to easily test and try new affiliate programs because you already have targeted traffic coming in...all you need to do at that point is to find relative products with solid affiliate programs.

It's so much fun when you understand this concept. For most newbies, they never get it till its too late.

One last item with regards to a mature site...make sure that you cross link properly and use ssi's (server side includes) if at all possible. The links on your pages that are present everywhere on your site will boostrepparttar 127854 pages this links point to.

DO all you can make your site mature as fast as possible. Your business will be better off.

Enjoyrepparttar 127855 search engine traffic!

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