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Written by Martin Lemieux

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Here's an example of our "Resource Section"

You'll notice how each category has specific sites that get listed within them.


Ok, so I went a little off topic with respect to this article but

you'll see how everything is connected together. Once google starts ranking your site, you don't want to leave any stone left un-turned.

So back to getting a google rank without submitting your site. Once you start performing link exchanges with other sites, just keep on going and going and I promise that eventually, Google will start picking up some of your links on other sites. Once this starts to happen you're google rank will rise.

So just keep doing what you're doing and let Google do it's own thing.

When your ready and you're link popularity grows, then you can submit your site to Google and reaprepparttar rewards.

So many companies do this process backwards and wonder why they don't get listed in Google. Or like what happened to me, Google lists your

site right away but then in a couple of weeks, presto, your site is gone from their listing and your left confused as to why!


In this article I talked about Link Exchanges & popularity, feel free to learn more about this in my 2 part series:

Link Exchanges, what they can do for your business, part 1

Link Exchanges, what they can do for your business, part 2



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Defining the Term of "Link Popularity".

Written by George Papazoglou

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Your search engine position is directly affected byrepparttar link popularity factor. That is how search engines would rank you for a specific keyword, or specialized theme.

Exchanging reciprocal links with sites negotiating similar content to your site, is considered a sure-fire tactic to elevate search engine rankings. Savvy Webmasters succumb emphasis onrepparttar 119379 quality ofrepparttar 119380 "negotiated" link trades, while broadening their roadway to top search engine rankings.

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