Google Page Rank Is Dead - Part II

Written by Martin Lemieux

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In order to stay away from Google's Page Ranking all together, we need to replace it with our own "web measurement system" to determine whether or not our company should recommend, swap ads, or do business withrepparttar other.

Inrepparttar 128114 end, we won't be selecting websites just because they rank well, we will finally be selecting only websites that we all personally like.

Personal resources create a better world for your visitors. Just remember, many of your visitors have no idea aboutrepparttar 128115 world of Google Page Ranking and how you may of been addicted to it.

Building A Personal Ranking System:

In order to personally rank websites, there are a few measurements you can take... Ask yourself these questions when browsing...

* What is their alexa ranking? or Rank from Doesrepparttar 128116 site seem to be getting matching traffic with yours?

Doesrepparttar 128117 site you are looking at have incoming links from Google inrepparttar 128118 same industry as yours? Pay close attention to who links torepparttar 128119 websites your research.

* Most Important: Do you get a good feeling when you visit their site?

If you don't, 8 times out of 10, other visitors won't either. I never recommend a website that doesn't feel right. 1st impressions mean a lot more than people think. At times,repparttar 128120 internet is a sub-conscious activity and many things that we see make us react to it without even knowing it. You want people to like you and trust you enough to do with business with you.

* Last but not least: Will you be happy knowing thatrepparttar 128121 websites you recommend have a personal touch and your visitors will be better off because of it?

Once we all get in a good groove online and start adding complete personal resources on our websites,repparttar 128122 internet will be a better place for all our visitors.

Try and letrepparttar 128123 larger resource directories within your field to list everything possible,repparttar 128124 best course of action for your business is to create something with your own personal touch.

I hope you've enjoyed this II part series!

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Search Engines from a Webmaster Perspective

Written by Mel Strocen

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More specifically, when evaluating any engine regardless of size or traffic, you should considerrepparttar following factors:

1. Free Site Listings A few years ago, you could submit your site to almost any search engine, small or large, for free. But times have changed. Today, even many second tier engines have PPC or paid inclusion programs, and free submissions, where offered, are often given little attention. This ties right intorepparttar 128113 second feature you should be looking for in a search engine. 2. Indexing Speed The usual pitch is that free listings can take a month or more to be added (with some SE's, never is more likely), but a paid listing will be added within 48 hours to a week. Does this make sense? Most search engines don't manually review site submissions so whether a submission is free or paid shouldn't affect indexing speed. Slow indexing for free site submissions is most often nothing more than a deliberate ploy to get your money.

3. Ranking Options Look for a search engine that offers some clues on how to improve your site ranking, short of emptying your wallet. Few engines reveal allrepparttar 128114 factors they use in ranking sites but knowing whererepparttar 128115 emphasis is (content, link popularity, meta tags, etc.) can be enough to point you inrepparttar 128116 right direction. There are also a handful of engines and directories that offer innovative listing options that give your website a much better chance of being seen.

4. Quality Searches Important to site owners and searchers alike. When quality sites are buried in a sea of second rate listings, no one benefits.

5. Traffic If you want your website seen,repparttar 128117 traffic a search engine attracts is important, but don't be too quick to write off smaller, up and coming engines. Not too long ago both Google and Overture were considered long shots inrepparttar 128118 search engine wars. Also, keep in mind that top ranking in an engine that receives a few million searches per month may be more important to you than no ranking in an engine that receives millions of searches per day.

6. Paid Listing Options: Look for paid listing options that offer more than fast inclusion in a database. With PPC, you get what you pay for, but with paid inclusion, you should receive more than you would with a free listing.

If you're not familiar with any search engines other thanrepparttar 128119 big players, check out ( where you can find a list ofrepparttar 128120 50 top search engines that still offer free site listings. Engines are ranked by their Alexa rating which indicates their user popularity. Here's a list ofrepparttar 128121 top 10 from FWS with current Alexa rankings:

1. Google - 5 2. Lycos - 44 3. AltaVista - 64 4. About - 86 5. Open Directory - 157 6. AlltheWeb - 215 7. ExactSeek - 1,999 8. ScrubTheWeb - 2,483 9. What U Seek - 2,868 10. SearchHippo - 2,905

Some other engines and directories worth considering in your promotion efforts are Gimpsy (, RoList (, SitesOnDisplay ( and National Directory (

Mel Strocen is CEO of the Jayde Online Network of websites. The Jayde network currently consists of 12 websites, including ( and (

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